Anthony Bourdain Sorry for Food Fight with Paula Deen

Anthony Bourdain (Travel Channel)

Anthony Bourdain (Travel Channel)

Anthony Bourdain is sorry for criticizing Paula Deen. But he won’t apologize for saying “her food sucks.”

“You know, I deserved the whacking I got back on that,” the “No Reservations” star said Monday on NPRs “Leonard Lopate Show.”

“I hate to beat up on her personally,” he said. “I feel bad…I love butter. I stand by the substance of what I said, but I certainly think it came across as more crass, personal and just plain nasty than I intended it.

“That said – is it necessary to serve bacon cheeseburger between two donuts? Is that what America needs right now?”

Bourdain found himself in hot water when he recently told TV Guide that Deen was “the worst, most dangerous person to America,” who “revels in her unholy connections with evil corporations” and is “proud of the fact that her food is f—ing bad for you.”

Deen responded by telling him to “get a life.”

Bourdain’s new show, “The Layover,” premieres Nov. 21 on the Travel Channel.

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