‘DWTS’: Ricki Lake Inspired by Kirstie Alley, Has Unfair Advantage?

Ricki Lake (Photo: Art Streiber/20th Television via Getty Images)

Ricki Lake (Photo: Art Streiber/20th Television via Getty Images)

Dancing with the Stars” Season 13 hopeful Nancy Grace said it best: “You people did see ‘Hairspray,’ didn’t you?”

Yes, we did. And Ricki Lake, who played the lead character Tracy Turnblad in John Waters’ “Hairspray,” was amazing in it. But that was 23 years ago.

“Oh, come on. You’re kidding. I was 18-years-old. That was 1988. I was 200 pounds and I was faking it,” the 42-year-old Lake told reporters onstage during the new cast reveal Monday night when asked that very question. “It was all about the attitude. It was not about the steps. No. I assure you I do not have an edge here.”

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The one edge she might have is her competitive edge. When the entire cast was asked by Season one champ Kelly Monaco asked, ‘Who wants to win this the most?’ the first and loudest to speak up was Lake. “I did not come here to take second! I’m in it to win it,” said the newly engaged Lake, who is not only getting married next year but is hosting another talk show in 2012 as well.

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We believer her. And in the past, the ones who want it the most, tend to do quite well.

“I love winning whether it’s beating my kid at a game of Monopoly, I love to win,” she told us after the press conference. “We’re ping-pong players at my house. I’m pretty competitive, but no I’m not comfortable doing this. My shoes are hurting already just walking this carpet, but yeah I’m gonna give it my all.”

As for her inspiration for participating in the show? Last year’s break-out contestant, Kirstie Alley.

“I have to get out of my head … these beautiful skinny girls, these model girls. That doesn’t necessarily make a good dance. I always go back to Kirstie Alley and how incredibly inspiring she was last season,” Lake reveals. “I just loved seeing her come alive last season, not just physically have this huge transition, but there was something internal that happened. I am pretty happy in my skin and happy in my life, but that would be the cherry on top to taking that mirror ball home.”

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