‘Pretty Little Liars’ Shocker: Was A’s Identity Revealed?

The “Pretty Little Liars” finale delivered a huge shocker. Jenna and Officer Garrett might have killed Alison — and they might be A. Or not. The episode began with the PLLs in the police station, covered with dirt. A series of flashbacks detailed how A sent them a set of creepy talking dolls that ordered them to perform a series of diabolical tasks to save their missing therapist, Dr. Sullivan’s, life. Hanna (Ashley Benson) had to stop her father’s wedding. Aria (Lucy Hale) had to blackmail Jackie (Paloma Guzman), who plagiarized an academic article, into leaving Hollis College. Spencer (Troian Bellasario) was ordered to keep Toby (Keegan Allen) safe, which she interpreted to mean that she had to break up with him. Emily (Shay Mitchell) was sent to a barn where she believed Dr. Sullivan was being held.

It all turned out to be a set up. As the girls converged on what they believed was the spot where Dr. Sullivan had been buried alive, the police showed up to arrest them.  As it turned out, they were digging up a mannequin, with the shovel that was allegedly used to kill Alison. Even for A, it was audacious. How did he/she/it manage to set them up so perfectly?

Watch the Finale:

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It all became clear when Officer Garrett (Yani Gellman) and Jenna (Tammin Sursok) sneaked into a room. “We couldn’t have come up with a better plan,” he crowed. “I wish I could see those bitches right now,” she gloated. “I’m sorry that they don’t know that we’re doing this to them. Are you ready to give up your career in law enforcement?”  Their conversation revealed that Garret destroyed page five of the autopsy report on Alison’s death, which apparently reveals key evidence. He inexplicably gave Jenna a copy and told her to burn it. It seems likely that she’ll hang onto it, which will undoubtedly be a key plot development for the third season. They also discussed writing the note that Jason found after Alison’s death. The scene ended with Jenna gloating that, “She deserved to die like that.”

So what does this ambiguous scene actually prove? Jenna and Garrett are definitely framing the girls for Alison’s murder. They destroyed part of the police file, making the girls look guilty, and possibly tampered with other evidence. However, Garret’s line, “We couldn’t have come up with a better plan,” could imply that A’s demented revenge plot coincidentally dovetailed with their agenda. They did not actually say that they killed Alison, only that they knew exactly what happened.

The episode ended with Dr. Sullivan, alive and well, meeting the still unseen A in a coffee shop. A hands Dr. Sullivan an envelope that presumably either contained cash or whatever blackmail material A on the shrink.  Then the waitress comments that A has, “pretty eyes.” That would seemingly eliminate the blind Jenna, though Officer Garrett’s eyes are rather attractive.

Another surprising scene was Peter Hastings ordering Jason to stay away from Spencer Their dialogue strongly hinted that Jason is Spencer’s half-sister, and that was the reason why Jason moved in next door. Jason summed up the episode’s theme saying, “Alison was great at keeping secrets, but she was also great at punishing people with the truth.”

The finale did a great job of setting up season three, but, as always with PLL, there are still more questions than answers.

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