Ask Xfinity TV: Your Questions About Favorite Shows and Stars

Last Friday we offered to answer any questions that you, our Xfinity Facebook users, had about your favorite TV shows or stars. A bunch of you posted questions and we turned them over to Xfinity TV’s expert editors. Below, you’ll find responses to a handful of your questions. We will solicit questions on Facebook every Friday (look for the post) and answer them the following week. We hope this will be as fun and informative for you as it is for us. So ask away. Put your Xfinity TV editors to work! With the new TV season starting, we’re eager to dive-in. Here goes:

When does ‘Sons of Anarchy’ start? – Julissa

Good news, Julissa! You just have a few more days to wait for the return of SAMCRO and your favorite bikers. Season 4 of ‘Sons of Anarchy‘ premieres Tuesday September 6th at 10pm on FX. You’ll see Clay, Jax and the other jailed SAMCRO members released after a 14-month stretch and return to Charming – and a rude welcome from the new sheriff (Rockmond Dunbar) in town. FYI, you may want to know that series executive producer Kurt Sutter has issued a challenge to fans that could result in one lucky fan and a guest being flown out to LA., put up in a hotel, and watching an episode at Sutter’s house. See his blog for more details. Check out this clip to get you revved up for the new season.

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My daughter loves ‘The Nine Lives of Chloe King.’ Is there any word on whether or not this show will be renewed? – Sharon

This show is one of our favorites here too, Sharon. An ABC Family spokesperson would only say “no decision has been made at this time” with regards to the show, but if I had to read between the tea leaves (and the ratings), I’m afraid we might not see what happens to Chloe, Brian, and the rest of the Mai. Ratings for the show were OK, but breakout hit ‘Switched at Birth‘ was renewed weeks ago for a new season, and the longer we go without hearing about a pick-up, the worse the chances are. This happened to the summer camp show ‘Huge‘ on the network last year – it just aired its initial 10 episodes and then didn’t receive a renewal due to mediocre ratings.

I hear that ‘Dexter’ is coming back. When? New or Reruns? – Cora

Dexter‘ will be back for Season 6 on Sunday October 2nd at 10pm on Showtime with all-new episodes. This season’s guest stars include Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks and the season centers on “faith.” Could this be the season that Deb finally finds out about her brother’s dark passenger? Until then, look for special “Dexter” previews and a sweepstakes on and the Xfinity Facebook page, starting September 13. We have lots of “Dexter” fun ahead.

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Any news about ‘Breakout Kings?’ – Fatima

A&E has renewed ‘Breakout Kings‘ for a second season. Great news for this exciting drama that partnered cops and cons. Look for for more criminals to be caught somewhere in spring of 2012 or so. Also, in case you didn’t know, series regular Jimmi Simpson (he plays Lloyd Lowery and also does the occasional stint on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) is guest starring this fall on ‘How I Met Your Mother.’

When is ‘The Walking Dead‘ coming back? – Shelby

‘The Walking Dead’ will return for Season 2 on Sunday October 16th at 9pm on AMC with a just-announced 90-minute season premiere! And more good news, there will be more zombies and more episodes as 13 episodes have been ordered. (If you recall, season 1 was a scant six episodes.) Executive producer Frank Darabont has exited the show, but the previous second-in-command Glen Mazzara has stepped up and will now be the new showrunner. On the bummer side of things, the season is going to be divided into two, with half the season airing in October and the other half, following a brief hiatus, in February. That bites.

Do we really have to wait until 2012 for more ‘Game of Thrones?’ – Cynthia

Cynthia, trust us, we feel your pain. And yes, new episodes aren’t slated to air on HBO until 2012 (most likely April again for the premiere.) Winter is indeed coming, it just can’t come soon enough!

Remember, ask us your questions about your favorite TV shows and stars and we will try to answer them. Leave your questions every Friday on the Xfinity Facebook page.

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