New ‘Entourage’ Inspired by Life of Young Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson (Photo: Getty Images)

Mike Tyson (Photo: Getty Images)

UPDATED: The lead role in “Da Brick” — the HBO pilot based on the early life of Mike Tyson — has reportedly been cast. The role will be played by John Boyega, a young actor with just two previous credits, according to the Internet Movie Database. The Hollywood Reporter reported the casting news — which includes Julito McCullum (seen previously as troubled schoolboy Namond Brice in “The Wire”) as the lead character Donnie’s best friend.

PREVIOUSLY: Here comes another entourage. With the original “Entourage” ending its run in two weeks on HBO, series creator Doug Ellin has lined up a new one.

The new proposed show is called “Da Brick,” and it’s a new series inspired by both “Entourage” and the real-life story of Mike Tyson, who had an entourage of his own when he became the youngest world heavyweight champion in the history of boxing.

According to, HBO has said yes to the Tyson-inspired series – or at least the production of a pilot that will be directed by Spike Lee.

The show will take place in the present day and, unlike the Hollywood-based “Entourage,” this boxing series will be based in Newark, N.J. It’ll also lean more toward drama than comedy, the Deadline story indicated. The lead role – which figures to be a juicy, career-making part for some young actor — has not been cast yet, Deadline said. The show’s title was not explained, but we’re surmising “Da Brick” is the nickname of this young fighter – like “Iron Mike.”

As for Tyson, he’ll likely get a producer’s credit on “Da Brick,” the idea for which arose after Ellin worked with the ex-champ when he guest-starred on “Entourage.” In fact, Tyson’s been on a roll lately – starring in the movie “The Hangover, Part Two,” appearing in hilarious comedy bits on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and earlier this year, starring in his own series on Animal Planet, “Taking on Tyson,” about his love of pigeon racing.

There was no word on if or when “Da Brick” would premiere on HBO.

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