What Do Mark Wahlberg, Hamburgers and Reality TV Have in Common?

Mark Wahlberg (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Mark Wahlberg (Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Mark Wahlberg is the mack daddy of entertainment genre-hopping. He gave us ‘Good Vibrations’ in the hip-hop realm, became every girl’s six-pack, brief-wearing fantasy as a Calvin Klein model, has achieved A-list props as an Academy Award nominated actor, and has successfully worked behind the scenes as executive producer for TV hits like “Entourage” and “Boardwalk Empire.”

So what is the 40-year-old dynamo scheming up now? According to E! Online, Mark could have some major beef with reality TV.

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At a recent charity function for the L.A. Harbor Boys & Girls Club, the tough guy revealed that he and his brothers are considering a jump into reality TV to promote their high-end burger establishment, Wahlburgers.

However, Mark doesn’t see himself parading in front of the cameras. “Maybe I’ll be the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ of reality TV,” he said. “You’ll hear my voice. But obviously it’s something that we’d want to control in every aspect and produce and make sure that we were doing something really quality.”

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But don’t worry, Marky Mark fans—even if his burgers and fries falter like The Funky Bunch, the entrepreneur’s got an additional onslaught of enterprises that’ll keep his familial empire afloat.

“We are interested at some point or another doing our own clothing line in the future,” he said. “As well as a health and wellness business that will help people first and foremost feel good, exercise, eat right and then look good…Eighty-five percent of the population doesn’t exercise and eat right, and you want to be able to push them in the direction of extending their lifespan and living healthy lives.”

Hmmm…cheeseburgers and the pursuit of health wrapped up in a Boston accent. We hope Andy Samberg’s thinking what we’re thinking: new Mark Wahlberg skit on “SNL,” baby!

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