Gandolfini’s Icy New Series: A Drama Set in Antarctica

James Gandolfini (Photo: Getty Images)

James Gandolfini (Photo: Getty Images)

James Gandolfini is developing a drama series about life in the Antarctic.

And his production partner – and likely future home of the series, if it gets picked up – is HBO, for whom Gandolfini starred in “The Sopranos” and, more recently, in the original HBO movie, “Cinema Verite.”

The Hollywood Reporter says the new series is based on a book called “Big Dead Place: Inside the Strange & Menacing World of Antarctica,” a memoir of life in the bleak, sparsely populated continent by Nicholas Johnson, who was employed for more than five years in various menial jobs by the U.S. Antarctic Program, a government-run research entity.

Gandolfini would star in the series also act as an executive producer, THR said. There was no immediate confirmation from HBO about the project.

A “drama” in the frozen South Pole? Sounds like a challenge to us, since life there – though arduous – strikes us as a tad too monotonous for a TV drama. But you never know.

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