‘Entourage’ Preview: One Episode From the Finish Line

Bedeviling Eric Murphy: Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Scott Lavin (Scott Caan).  (Photos: HBO)

Bedeviling Eric Murphy: Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) and Scott Lavin (Scott Caan). (Photos: HBO)

It’s the second-to-last episode of “Entourage” and it’s titled – appropriately, but not too imaginatively – “Second to Last.”

What’s next weekend’s finale going to be called? “Finale”? “The End”? “The Last One”? If you guessed the second option – “The End” – then you’d be correct.

What will happen in “The End”? Whatever winds up happening, the nature of that final episode comes ever-so-slightly into focus in this weekend’s second-to-last one (Sunday night at 10:30/9:30c on HBO) after several weeks of episodes that had us wondering how in the world they would wrap up this show’s run in a final season lasting just eight episodes.

Though it’s still difficult to predict how it will all end, some of the storylines affecting the four entourage members – Vince (Adrian Grenier), Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon), Eric (Kevin Connolly) and Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) – and the unofficial fifth member, Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven), will reach significant turning points this Sunday (we know this because we’ve already seen the episode).

Here’s where things stand with the five characters going into “Second to Last”:

Vince: Still smarting from the negative profile in Vanity Fair that he’s dreading, he mounts a campaign aimed at winning over Sophia, the comely correspondent who wrote the piece. Will he succeed?

Drama: Now that he’s won the standoff with CBS over his wages on the animated orangutan series “Johnny Bananas,” Drama still craves the much-needed starring role in the mining-disaster TV movie Billy Walsh has rewritten from Vince’s original. Will Drama get his movie?

Turtle: With the Delucas’ West Coast trip almost at an end, Turtle still has to find them a restaurant space that they’ll like for the new L.A. offshoot of their original eatery in Queens, at a monthly rental that Turtle can afford. Will the entrepreneurial Turtle swing this deal?

Eric: His is the storyline that mystifies us the most. Somehow, in the deep recesses of his mind, E expects (or maybe just hopes) to win back Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) even though he’s blatantly sleeping with her former stepmother, Melinda Clarke. Eric’s also at a crossroads with his business partner, Scott Lavin (Scott Caan) – which isn’t surprising since Lavin’s the most unlikable character on this show. Is Eric about to lose the girl and his business?

Ari: A divorce from Mrs. Ari seems like a certainty now. While she dates Bobby Flay (although she’s not sleeping with him), Ari is bedding Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer) every chance he gets. Like Eric, his business is at a crossroads too – this divorce just might finish him financially and emotionally. Can this marriage be saved?

To find out, watch the episode this weekend – Sunday night at 10:30/9:30c – or look for our recap first thing Monday morning.

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