‘Entourage’ Recap: Things Are Looking Up as Finale Looms

Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) got good news on "Entourage" (Photo: HBO)

A single statement uttered by one of the characters in last night’s (Sunday’s) episode of “Entourage” could provide a big clue to where we’re headed in next Sunday’s final episode.

Vince said it, right after he informed Turtle that the two had just profited handsomely from the Avion tequila company’s IPO. Turtle (Jerry Ferrara) learned he was a newly minted millionaire (four times over) when he previously believed he’d pulled his money out of the company too soon to capitalize on its market capitalization. But Vince (Adrian Grenier), as he has time and time again, pulled Turtle’s you-know-what out of the fire – telling him his money remained invested in the company because Vince never took it out.

As a result, Vince made $15 million. This windfall followed another huge favor done by Vince on behalf of his brother, Johnny Drama (Kevin Dillon) – persuading the eccentric CBS exec, Phil Yagoda (William Fichtner), who despises Drama, to cast him anyway in a TV movie. The price: Vince had to promise he’d contribute $100,000 to Phil’s favorite charity.

So, after engineering the good fortune of both Drama and Turtle, Vince confidently declared: “I have a feeling a lot of good stuff is coming to all of us!” — a statement we interpreted as a harbinger of glad tidings for all concerned. And by the way, besides making $15 million, Vince got a date with Sophia – for which he’d been campaigning for the last three episodes. Is a happy ending in store for the boys of “Entourage”?

It sure seemed that way for three of them, but for the show’s other two principal characters – mopey Eric Murphy (Kevin Connolly) and sad-sack Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) – Vince’s forecast is less than certain.

“Good stuff”? That all depends on how you look at it. E seemed pretty happy when Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui) informed him she was pregnant and he’s the father. He no doubt saw this as a means for them to get back together. Then she let him have it – declaring she’s still intent on moving to New York no matter what. That could mean one of two things: She’ll go to New York and have the baby, or she’ll go to New York and not have the baby. Hopefully, her meaning will become clear in the series finale next Sunday. Or, what about this: What if E moves to New York too?

As for Ari, he told Dana (Constance Zimmer) that he still loves his wife. Though she took the news well, his admission would seem to end their romantic relationship. Will Ari and Mrs. Ari get back together? That’s a big question indeed.

The curtain comes down on “Entourage” – which premiered way back on July 18, 2004 – this Sunday night (Sept. 11) at 10:30/9:30c.

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