‘Glee Project’s’ Damian Moves In with Brittany

'The Glee Project's Damian (center) and Samuel (right) (Photo: Oxygen)

'The Glee Project's Damian (center) and Samuel (right) (Photo: Oxygen)

Watch out, Lord Tubbington – there’s an equally cuddly new man in the life of Brittany S. Pierce.

Fans of “The Glee Project” have been eagerly awaiting news of when co-champs Damian McGinty and Samuel Larsen will take their first strolls down the halls of “Glee’s” McKinley High. Word has leaked out via E! Online that Damian’s groupies won’t have to wait long.

Damian will begin his seven-episode arc as Rory, a foreign exchange student from Northern Ireland, in episode four of the upcoming season. Of all the potential host families in the “Glee” universe, I’m super pleased that the writers paired Rory with the Pierce clan.

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Though she doesn’t seem to have trouble with Lord T’s cat speak, Brit will likely struggle to understand Rory’s Irish brogue, if “Glee” scribe Ian Brennan’s suggestion on “The Glee Project” comes to fruition. Hopefully that won’t stop her from allowing her new housemate to co-host a special international edition of “Fondue For Two.”

Samuel fans will have to be more patient, as his stint isn’t set to begin until at least episode nine. The “Glee” bosses allege this is because they want to return attention to the series regulars in the beginning of the season and are therefore cutting back on major guest appearances during that time.

But cast Twitter feeds indicate that Idina Menzel has already been shooting scenes for a week or two, so she’s bound to show up in early episodes. Plus, if the lede of the E! story is any indication, Team Glee is hyping the casting of Mama Pierce. Those sound like big guest stars to me.

Still, it’s a good idea to space out the appearances of Damian and Samuel (and eventually “GP” runners-up Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell) so that they each get the focus they earned through their grueling, highly publicized audition process. So Gleeks are likely to be feeling the impact of “The Glee Project” all season long, which is probably just what the “Glee” gods were hoping for. What better way to build up excitement for the inevitable round two of the talent competition series?

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