‘True Blood’ Recap: Burn, Sookie, Burn

True Blood (HBO)

True Blood (HBO)

The penultimate episode of “True Blood,” “Soul of Fire,” was pretty freaking awesome. There was plot development, a significant body count, and the least titillating sex scene in the show’s history.

We pick up right after the last episode ended. The Bad Ass Vamps in Black are about to blow up the shop. Ordinary, Non-Magic Jason (Ryan Kwanten) warns them that Sookie is inside. Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) exasperatedly refers to her as, “F—ing Sookie.” Bill (Stephen Moyer) concurs. This is so much more entertaining than Eric fawning all over her. Jason makes a rousing speech about all the amazing things Sookie has done for them. Over Pam’s protests, the two men agree they shouldn’t blow up the woman they both profess to love.

Inside, Sookie (Anna Paquin) warns MarnAntonia (Fiona Shaw) that the vamps are going to blow them up. There is mutiny among the wiccans, who want to abandon their insane leader. MarnAntonia uses her powers to send a knife flying into Casey the Wiccan’s chest, killing her. Antonia, disgusted, leaves Marnie’s body.  Lafayette’s medium powers allow him to see Antonia’s spirit. Marnie casts a binding spell, to force Antonia back inside her. Jesus lies that Casey still has a pulse, and he can save her, which for some reason pleases the crazy witch. Lafayette and Jesus take Casey’s corpse to the bathroom, so that Jesus can cast a spell that will stop Marnie. Jesus rubs Casey’s blood on his chest. He slices his own arm with a knife then has Lafayette tie his arms with Marnie’s scarf.

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Bill yells to MarnAntonia that she needs to quit hiding behind magic. She comes outside, bringing Sookie with her. MarnAntonia says she will release Sookie if Bill and Eric kill themselves. They both readily agree to it. Bill warns that if Antonia reneges, she and everyone she cares about, will die. Bill’s plan: he will shoot Eric and then Pam will shoot him. Pam (Kristin Bauer), the voice of reason, refuses to sacrifice them for Sookie and fires a flame thrower at the bookstore. It fails to penetrate the force field, but manages to burn Jason to a crisp. Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) vows to heal him. He admits he still wants her, but doesn’t want to hurt Hoyt.

MarnAntonia casts a spell that allows her to see the future. She has a version of herself lying dead. She persuades everyone to form a circle and help her cast it, claiming she wants everyone to leave alive. MarnAntonia’s spell compels the vampires to move towards the force field. Jason tries to stop them. Sookie mind-reads Jason telling her to stop her. The fairy-light shoots out of Sookie’s hands and everyone in the circle falls to the ground. The compulsion spell ends. Well, that was easy. Marnie casts a spell that makes a ring of fire surround Sookie. Hey, Marnie’s recreating the moment when Antonia was burned at the stake. Fortunately, Lafayette’s spell sucks Antonia out of Marnie’s body. Marnie is rendered powerless without Antonia. The force field disappears.

Bill and Eric bust in. Sookie tells them that Marnie is the only person who wants to kill them. The annoying long haired male witch jumps in front of Marnie, to protect her. Eric rips his heart out and drinks from it. Chivalry is truly dead.  Bill shoots Marnie a bunch of times with a machine gun until the life drains out of  her. Marnie’s vision was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

As they lie in bed, Lafayette assures a devastated Jesus that he is not responsible for Marnie’s death. Lafayette sees Marnie floating on the ceiling. She enters his body. Yikes!

In the B-storyline, at the biker shop Marcus’s henchman refuses to tell Alcide (Joe Manganiello) and Sam (Sam Trammell) where he is. Luna bursts in, crazed, because Marcus took Emma out of school. Debbie (Britt Morgan) turns down Marcus’s offer to be her baby daddy because she loves Alcide and because Marcus’s hair is a grease factory. Alcide busts in as Debbie tells Marcus to leave. Sam confronts him about murdering Tommy. He puts down his gun, offering to fight him man to man. He knocks Marcus to the ground. Sam and Marcus beat the hell out of he each other. Sam gets his knee on Marcus’s throat but can’t bring himself to kill him. Marcus grabs Sam’s gun and starts shooting. Alcide ends up killing Marcus in self-defense. Alcide accurately blames Debbie for the whole situation and issues a formal werewolf dumping, which is longer than most people’s wedding vows.

Andy wanders through the woods, talking to himself about how ticked off he is at Terry for making him walk home alone. He encounters a fairy named Maurella and they have sex. No, really.  She licks his tongue, which is really gross. Andy returns home, dazed and tells Arlene that he had fairy sex. She thinks he has lost his mind.


“Can we  blow up these wiccan dips—s already? I’ve got a mani-pedi at four.” -Pam

“Marnie just puked a bitch out.” – Lafayette upon seeing Marnie expel Antonia’s spirit.

“We made love. And I was good at it!” – Andy brags to Arlene.

“No one lives forever. Not even you.” – Marnie, to Bill, right before he kills her.

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