Newlyweds and a New Look as ‘View’ Starts 15th Season

Joy Behar (Photo: Getty Images)

Joy Behar (Photo: Getty Images)

Get a load of the new “View” – ABC’s venerable daytime talk show roared back Tuesday morning for its 15th season, boasting a new set and two of its five stars sporting new wedding bands.

“Check out the new design of the set – isn’t it fly?” asked the show’s usual conversation starter, Whoopi Goldberg, at the outset of the show. Indeed, while the “View” ladies vacationed in August, ABC stagehands were hard at work giving the show a makeover – with a new table and five chairs plus new backdrops. The show’s opening titles were also redesigned.

As for the women’s vacations, as almost everyone knows by now, two of them got married during their time off – Sherri Shepherd, 44, in a high-profile wedding that’s due to be featured on a Style Network special next week, and Joy Behar, 68, who married her long-time beau in a small ceremony that was so private, Joy said she would have preferred to announce it herself on Tuesday’s show. Instead, the news of her marriage to her “boyfriend” (and constant companion) of 29 years Steve Janowitz filtered out into the world anyway a few weeks ago.

In bringing up the topic of Joy’s wedding, Whoopi called it “the shock-shock-shocker of ‘The View’!” Naturally, everyone wanted to know why Joy and Steve (who was seen in photos – one of the rare times this guy has ever been seen in public) finally decided to tie the knot. First, Joy answered that question with a tongue-in-cheek “Top Ten” list in the manner of David Letterman. Among the 10 items (delivered by Joy in the third person for some reason): “No. 3 — Sick of Barbara Walters bugging her to get married!” and “No. 1 — Joy is expecting twins!” (that’s a joke, of course).

But the real reason was more poignant. Joy said she was influenced by the struggle of gay acquaintances of hers for marriage equality, which they gained this past summer in New York. When she saw how much marriage meant to them, and, from a more practical standpoint, how it confers various rights on couples that they don’t otherwise enjoy as two single people merely co-habitating, she and Steve decided it was time, she explained.

As for Sherri, she married boyfriend Lamar Sally with a ceremony and subsequent party that was more lavish and boisterous than Joy’s. The reason: Sherri had a deal with Style Network to film the whole thing and make a special out of it. The resulting TV show, “Wedding Fabulous: Sherri Shepherd Gets Married,” airs next Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 9/8c on Style.

On “The View,” Sherri revealed that two of her bridesmaids were pal Niecy Nash and “View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Sherri also told a story about how an audio device she was wearing became unclipped and slipped down inside her gown while she was dancing during her reception, leading to some embarrassing moments as she tried to retrieve it and maintain her modesty at the same time because, as she explained, she wasn’t wearing panties at the time.

Too much information? We say yes.

Coming up on “The View” (weekdays at 11/10c on ABC): On Wednesday, the Kardashian sisters; and the following Tuesday, newly published author Dick Cheney (that ought to be good!).

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