‘Bachelor Pad’ Plastic Surgery Bonanza: Ella Nolan Undergoes Five Surgeries

Ella Nolan of 'Bachelor Pad' (Photo: ABC)

Ella Nolan of 'Bachelor Pad' (Photo: ABC)

Take it from single mama and “Bachelor Pad” contestant Ella Nolan: If you’re teetering on the fence about getting a new schnoz, new puppies, and the lard sucked out of you, watching yourself on television will motivate you to get the job done!

“TV magnifies all your flaws, and seeing my profile really bothered me,” Ella told Life & Style. “And I’ve always wanted my breasts done. Before I got pregnant with my son, Ethan, about 10 years ago, my boobs were fabulous. They haven’t been the same since.”

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So whom does Ella have to thank for her new perky bod? Her “kissing buddy” and fellow contestant Erica Rose! The monotone, tiara-wearing princess hooked up the 31-year-old reality player with her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon father, who also happened to give Vienna Girardi her new nose.

Ella had breast implants, rhinoplasty, and lipo to her tummy, hips, and thighs in a five-plus hour procedure.

“I got everything I wanted. I feel incredible. I can’t stop touching my new boobs!” said Ella.

Aside from our fears of Ella heading down Heidi Montag Highway and wondering why an already purty girl like her would feel the need to get sliced and diced, we’re scratching our heads on how the heck she could afford all those surgeries—unless she won the $250K from “Bachelor Pad.”

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