Dr. Phil Vows to Provide Insight Into Anthony Case

Dr. Phil (CBS)

Dr. Phil (CBS)

Dr. Phil McGraw says he is determined to do what an Orlando jury couldn’t – figure out how Caylee Anthony died.

“I don’t think what was said in court is necessarily what happened,” he says.  “The people closest to this little girl – aside from her mother – the people who were in her life and around the key players in this were Casey Anthony‘s parents, and I wanted to talk to them, and (they’re) probably not the last people I intend to talk to.”

Dr. Phil beat out major broadcast networks and cable channels to land the first interview with George and Cindy Anthony, which will air on his syndicated talk show September 12.

Preview Phil’s Interview With The Anthonys:

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But he has no interest in talking with Casey Anthony – who was recently acquitted of her daughter’s murder and named “Most Hated Person In America” by E Poll market research.

“I think it’s highly unlikely she’s going to tell what she knows,” he tells TV Guide.  “Her actions have spoken much louder than any words she could speak. Everybody says she’s out of jeopardy now, and therefore she has nothing to lose, but she has everything to lose. If she comes out and tells a different story now than what was told before, a very difficult lie for her is just going to get that much harder. She’s not going to be forthcoming about this.”

McGraw spent 9 hours over two days with the Anthonys, and says he found them to be “very candid.”

“I pushed on them pretty hard. If they were putting on a show, they wouldn’t have told me some of the things that they told me,” he said.

“I found one of the most revelatory moments for me was their reaction to the verdict when it came in.”

In exchange for the exclusive talk, The Dr. Phil show made an undisclosed charitable donation on behalf of the family.

“The Anthonys are of great interest, and of course are very controversial,” McGraw told the magazine.  “I believe this interview will provide some much needed insight into who they really are.”

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