‘One Life to Live’: Thorsten Kaye Slams Two Todds Storyline

Thorsten Kaye Reveals Why He Did Not Return to “One Life to Live”

Fans and critics have sung the praises of “One Life to Live’s” so-called Tale of Two Todds, in which Roger Howarth, the original actor who portrayed Todd Manning returned to the show, leading to the revelation that the man everyone thought was Todd, played by Trevor St. John, was actually Todd’s brother Victor. The show’s ratings have risen as the story unfolded. However, there is one person who does not like the storyline: “All My Children’sThorsten Kaye (Zach), who began his daytime career as OLTL’s Patrick Thornhart. The long presumed dead character of Patrick recently turned out to be alive. He had a romantic reunion with the departing character of Marty, who happens to be played by Kaye’s real-life wife, Susan Haskell. There was only one problem: their scenes happened off camera because Kaye did not return to the show. Kaye revealed the surprising reason why he did not make a cameo on OLTL during a recent AMC press junket.

“I am not what you would call a team favorite,” said the outspoken actor. “They wanted me to come in for one day or two days, but it wasn’t really to take Marty home, because that whole story was f—ed up anyway. It didn’t make sense to anybody. They wanted [Patrick] to bring the real Todd [Roger Howarth] back. I said, ‘You know what? I don’t get it. You asked your audience to [accept] this new actor that you’ve had for the last eight years. You have said he is your Todd. Everyone accepted it. 8 years later you go, No, idiots. That wasn’t Todd.’ That doesn’t make sense to me. That works on the radio. You can’t do it on TV. If you need someone to guide him in, I’m not going to do it.”

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Kaye also has harsh words for OLTL’s powers-that-be for letting the Emmy-winning Haskell go. “To get rid of Susan in the way that they did made no sense. If they say, ‘We want to have you back,’ why don’t you go f— yourselves because this is not how you treat people.”  Kaye made it clear that he was speaking only for himself, not his wife, saying, “I just don’t think it was fair, and it was completely unnecessary. If you’re doing something like that, at least have it help the story. I think all actors, you get to a point where you want to make sure that you being there makes a difference. When they say we’re just going to take you out of this equation, that’s a tough thing.”

I Wish I Were More Excited That Devon is Tucker’s Son

I am conflicted about the recent revelation on “The Young & the Restless” that Devon (Bryton James) is Tucker’s (Stephen Nichols) long-lost son. On one hand, I am glad that Devon finally has a storyline — and that the Emmy winning James can showcase his acting talent. Devon has essentially had nothing to do since his initial storyline, when Neil (Kristoff St. John) and Dru (Victoria Rowell) rescued him from a group home by becoming first his foster, then his adoptive parents. He had a series of tragedies befall him, including losing his hearing due to meningitis (it was quickly restored with a cochlear implant), briefly being suspected of killing Carmen (Marissa Ramirez), discovering he had the most annoying little sister on earth (she thankfully left town after inflicting her singing on the Y&R audience far too many times), and having a one-night stand with a former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant who happened to be dating Neil. He has never had a significant romantic storyline, career, or even an inner life. After watching Devon for years, one would be hardpressed to describe him as anything other than a generic nice. Making him the son of a billionaire is a juicy way of defining his character. It sets up character driven conflict between Tucker and Neil, who has been at odds with Tucker in the boardroom on numerous occasions.

Sure, it is a bit of a stretch that Yolanda, Devon’s one-step-above homeless, drug addict mother, was once hot enough to attract a music mogul, even for one night. It requires buying that Yolanda was lying when she told Devon that one of the men in the neighborhood where he grew up was his father, but that’s nothing by soap standards. I am ready to see Devon be conflicted between his newfound wealth and power and the good values that Neil instilled in him. I wonder if the new character that Debbi Morgan will be a part of this storyline.

However, I wish this story had been told in a more interesting fashion. Katherine (Jeanne Cooper) learned Tucker had a son while he was in a coma and hired private investigator Paul (Doug Davidson) to find him. A couple months later, Paul told Katherine that he had figured out that Devon was Tucker’s son. That is how it would happen in real life, but it is the opposite of compelling drama. Katherine has decided, for the time being, to withhold the information from Devon, Tucker and Neil, but offer recent college graduate Devon a job running the new music division of Chancellor Enterprises. Is it because she does not want Neil and Devon to be hurt? Or because she is reluctant to give her newfound access to his share of the family fortune until she gets to know him better? Or is it part of her continuing, inexplicable war with Tucker? I wish I knew.I hope that this plot manages to rise above its poorly structured beginning and establish Devon as a force to be reckoned with.

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