Regis Philbin Getting a Reality Show?

Regis Philbin (Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

Regis Philbin (Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

“It just feels like it’s time.” ~ so says Regis Philbin, who really is quitting “Live with Regis and Kelly” this fall after 28 years. His last episode will be November 18, as he announced Tuesday.

Philbin, 80, has no second thoughts about leaving “Live.” “No,” he says in a feature story with USA Today. “Twenty-nine years in the same studio, with the same setup, with the same guests, and then coming up with the first 15 minutes of the show making sure you have something to talk about that might interest Kelly and the audience. It’s not for everybody.”

Regis Philbin’s Farewell Season Begins

But just because The Reege is retiring from the show doesn’t mean he’s retiring from show business.

In fact, his next potential career move is a surprising one: reality star? Yep. Regis is “in talks” for several new projects, including a sitcom (“too time-consuming”) and a reality show, where Regis would be followed around by cameras.

“There are several things that interest me,” Philbin says in the article. “You know these reality shows? I would love to do a real reality show where Regis goes out,” he says, adding, “I did a little pilot for somebody last week in L.A.”

Well, that’s just what TV needs: The Real World with Regis, the 80-year-old reality star.

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