‘Breaking Bad’ Preview: Up in Smoke

Breaking Bad (AMC)

Breaking Bad (AMC)

This week’s “Breaking Bad” preview clip is a shocker: it actually has to do with the main storyline. No more scintillating drama surrounding Skyler’s purchase of the car wash. This signifies that we have actually reached the point in the season where everything is going down. There is no filler in the episode. Or it could mean that the AMC promo staffer got mixed up because while this clip has nothing to do with the car wash, there are cars in every shot. The vehicles belong to Walt and Jesse.  If you love to mock Walt’s Pontiac Atzek, you’ll be in heaven.

Executive producer Vince Gilligan promised that Walt would do things that would shock the audience this season. In this clip, he sure does. (Hint: it’s not violent, just incredibly reckless for someone who has lung cancer. Then again, Walt is convinced his days are numbered, so why not take a few physical risks?)

This preview also reveals Jesse’s favorite TV show. If he were a fan of on-the-nose analogies and network cross promotions, he’d love “The Walking Dead,” but his choice does work as a subtle metaphor for his life, in that it involves completing a dangerous task with precision in a hostile environment.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Breaking-Bad/96341/2120578142/Bug%3A-Sneak-Peek/embed 580 476]

Will Jesse get the nerve to attempt to kill Gus via a poisoned cigarette? Will Walt get recruited by the CIA for coming up with such a deliciously Cold War era murder plan? Will Walt have a heart attack when he and Hank return to Los Hermanos to retrieve the tracking device that they placed on Gus’s car? Tune in to Sunday’s episode, “Bug,” and find out.

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