‘GMA’s George Stephanopoulos Getting the Short Shrift?

George Stephanopoulos of 'Good Morning America' (Photo: ABC)

George Stephanopoulos of 'Good Morning America' (Photo: ABC)

Is new “Good Morning America” co-host George Stephanopoulos facing discrimination?

TV personalities over the years have been subjected to scrutiny such as ageism, sexism and weight issues, but a new gossip item about the buzz at “GMA” brings the debate to new heights.

According to TMZ, network sources behind the show allege that Stephanopoulos’ days in the anchor seat could be numbered, but it’s not necessarily because he isn’t doing well in his new position.

It’s reportedly because, um, the dynamic between the co-hosts is a bit off – by more than four inches. Robin Roberts towers over Stephanopoulos every morning and network insiders secretly believe it just looks awkward on-screen. Gossip reports about the height difference bewteen the female and male anchors have been circulating since at least last fall, when the New York Post claimed Roberts refused to wear flats and insisted on heels when standing next to her new co-host Stephanopoulos as a power play.

Adding fuel to the rumor is word that ABC suits are “in love” with “GMA” newsreader Josh Elliott, who’s been on the job since March, and who recently filled in on “World News Tonight,” wowing the bosses. He’s also tall, dark and handsome – and seemingly a better fit physically to Roberts.

The report claims that “Josh and Robin Roberts have better chemistry and look better together.”

Are these network sources being a bit … short-sighted? Would they really ditch a quality newsman just because he’s short? (One has to wonder: Roberts may be tall, but she isn’t exactly known for her interviewing skills – aren’t the network bosses worried about that at all?)

There may be another factor in the equation: The network might be keen to have Stephanopoulos return to his old job anchoring “This Week” because, says TMZ, “execs privately now admit Christiane Amanpour is a disaster as an anchor.”

By the numbers, Robin is 5’10” (without heels); Josh is around 6’3″; and George is 5’6″ and a half. And for the record on the numbers that really count – “GMA” ratings have been on the rise since Stephanopoulos joined the morning show team, taking over for Diane Sawyer when she headed to the prime-time ABC News anchor desk.

Sorry fellas, looks like size still matters … but hopefully sanity will prevail.

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