‘Bachelor Pad’ Winner Michael Still Angry Over Holly’s Surprise Engagement

Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Bachelor Pad (ABC)

Although Holly Durst is on cloud nine as co-victor of the $250K “Bachelor Pad” prize money with ex-fiance Michael Stagliano, many fans feel she’s got some splainin’ to do with the big ‘I’m-Marrying-Blake’ engagement bomb she dropped on him on last night’s finale, which was pre-taped before the news was publicized in the media.

“I begged [ABC] to let me talk to Michael before[hand] and they refused,” she admitted in a conference call to reporters on Tuesday. “I tried really hard. I did not want it to be a shock…I didn’t want him to be blind-sighted at all because Michael and I have a very good friendship, and I didn’t want to hurt him at all.” (She claimed that producers had taken his phone away for taping purposes by the time she was ready to tell him about her engagement to Blake.)

However, going forward, Holly said she plans on doing as much damage control as she can for Michael’s sake, which means her impending nuptials to Blake Julian will not be televised. “I don’t want to rub salt in the wounds,” she said.

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As for what she’ll do with her share of the spoils, Holly relayed that she’ll be publishing a series of children’s books.

So what is Michael going to do with his moolah?

In a separate interview, the B-Boy told reporters he was planning a vacation as a “reset button” from all of the Blake and Holly love grenades that have exploded in his face, while the rest will go to his church, student loans, and credit card debts.

But what we really wanted to know is what he thought of last night’s WTF surprise that his ex and Blake are tying the knot, and let’s just say, the emotional dude didn’t censor himself.

“It was really sh-tty what [Holly] did and what had happened,” he bluntly stated, although he understood ABC may have been partly responsible.

Still, he wasn’t going to excuse how it all went down, confessing that in the immediate aftermath, he wanted to punch out the dentist and yell at his ex. “Just out of respect for me—which I would have certainly shown Blake and Holly [if the tables were turned]—I would not have gone on stage. I would’ve put my foot down. It made me really disappointed with Holly. It makes it really hard to be great friends with Blake and Holly and wish them well…but I do wish them well.”

But his opinion on Blake is a totally different matter. Michael confides he doesn’t think Holly’s new hubby-to-be is a good guy at all, and he summed it up pretty nicely: “Let’s face it: Do you know anyone who likes to go to the dentist?”

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