‘Ringer’: Double Trouble for Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays twins on 'Ringer' (Photo: The CW)

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays twins on 'Ringer' (Photo: The CW)

Eight years after playing the beloved “Buffy, the Vampire Slayer,” Sarah Michelle Gellar is making up for lost TV time by giving her fans twice the SMG factor in her new series, “Ringer,” in which she plays a set of troubled twins.

Gellar recently spoke to reporters about her highly anticipated return to television, and I got to ask the actress about the noirish, soapy thriller, which premieres tonight at 9/8c on The CW.

“Yes, yes, yes … I feel pressure,” Gellar admitted of being the face of the network this fall and the high expectations placed on “Ringer,” which was originally conceived as a drama for CBS but was inherited by The CW – and will likely draw in a more grown-up audience for the sister network. “I’m so proud of the show, I’m enjoying it so much and I really hope it takes off with fans.”

So what was it about “Ringer” that made her want back on TV?

“I didn’t realize how much I missed the atmosphere of television until I came back,” Gellar says.
“And I just love the idea, I’m fascinated by twins – I’m an only child – so you think about bond siblings have, it’s so intense and complicated. This role actually brings me back to ‘Cruel Intentions,’ my second favorite character next to Buffy.”

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“What I love about the show is the duality of all the characters, they all have good sides and bad sides,” Gellar goes on to say. “And the motivations are justified on both sides.”

Gellar plays identical twins who are torn apart and then suddenly reunited after years of estrangement. The sisters are complete opposites: Bridget Kelly is a recovering addict and stripper who witnesses a murder and is under federal protection but panics and goes on the run; Siobhan Martin is a chilly, sophisticated NYC socialite in an unhappy marriage to a wealthy businessman who has a Hitchcock-blonde vibe – and plenty of secrets of her own to run from. I won’t ruin the twist, but there is one in the pilot episode, and it entwines the twins in a juicy mystery that makes me eager for more episodes.

Get a Glimpse of “Ringer”:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Ringer/143175/2123993460/Ringer—Series-Featurette/embed 580 476]

Gellar says she doesn’t have a preference for playing one twin over the other, but does confess that “Siobhan has a better wardrobe.”

A twice-as-fabulous wardrobe is definitely a plus to playing two characters, but that’s not the only bonus Gellar gets out of her new gig.

“Have you seen the men on my show? I tell my friends to play all the female characters on your show and then all the men are yours,” Gellar gushes of her handsome costars, who include Ioan Gruffudd as Siobhan’s husband, Andrew; Mike Colter as Bridget’s drug sponsor Malcolm Ward; and “Lost’s” Nestor Carbonell as federal agent Victor Machado.

She also jokes about the one perk the “Ringer” girls have over her cult TV character, “Buffy” – “I got to hold a gun … Buffy never got to hold a gun.”

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