‘Vampire Diaries’ Cast: Buckle Up for Dark New Season

The Vampire Diaries (CW)

The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Thursday at 8/7c, “The Vampire Diaries” returns for its much anticipated third season on the CW. The second season finale ended with Stefan (Paul Wesley) agreeing to become Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) partner in mayhem to save Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) seeing his dead girlfriends. Just how dark and deadly will will Mystic Falls get this year?  Daniel Gillies (Elijah), summed up the season in just two words: “Buckle up.” Several of the show’s stars shared tantalizing tidbits about upcoming episodes at the CW’s launch party.

This Will Be the Season of the Originals: The show’s producers have declared that this will be the season of The Originals, the oldest vampires who are virtually impossible to kill. Gillies hints at what that means. “It’s going to present a whole other tier of activity. It’s going to be Shakespearean.”  Kat Graham (Bonnie) explains what that will mean for the rest of the characters. “What I’m really excited about is the exploration of the characters, new and old, that were brought in, their powers, and where it all started from – more backstory of the actual show.”

Preview Season 3:

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Stefan’s Trip to the Dark Side Will Be A Long One: When Stefan drank from, and killed, an innocent human at Klaus’s behest in the season finale, it was more than just a short term twist to keep people in suspense over the hiatus. The good Salvatore brother is going on a long downward spiral. According to Wesley, “[He will get] really, really, really, really dark. As dark as you could possibly imagine. But it’s going to come gradually. It’s not going to be unexpected. It’s going to be a linear story that we’re going to follow and it’s going to tell the story of Stefan’s shadow of darkness.” Wesley welcomes the change. “I think it’s a long time coming. I think he needed it.”

Elijah Will Return: Speaking of Elijah, the calculating, cerebral Original ended last season in a state of suspended animation with the white-ash covered dagger in his chest. According to Gillies, it will not be too long before he is resurrected. “You can’t keep the guy in that box forever.”

Klaus Is A Complicated Big Bad: Klaus, the seemingly omnipotent vampire-werewolf hybrid will have his fangs and claws all over this season. His partnership with Stefan becomes more than just a power play. “[Stefan] learns some things that make him see Klaus in a different light,” reveals Wesley. Their relationship does not disturb Elijah in the least, says Gillies. “Frankly, he can have Klaus. That’s a terrible brother. I’d rather work solo and not have that as my mentor. That’s like having Charles Manson as your nursery school teacher.” However he acknowledges that it is possible for the two Originals to reconcile. “If he recovered the family and returned them to Elijah. And if he left Elena (Nina Dobrev) alone.”

Jeremy’s Powers Test His Relationship With Bonnie: Now that Jeremy can communicate with his dead vampire girlfriend Vicki (Kayla Ewell) and Anna (Malese Jow), his relationship with Bonnie is a lot more complicated.  “I think she’s going to have to figure out how she’s going to deal with that,” says Graham. “It’s going to be a positive or a negative experience, if the relationship is still worth for both of them or if he’s still holding on.”

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