Tuesday Tanning Show Generates No Heat for ‘Anderson’

Anderson Cooper (Photo: Getty Images)

Anderson Cooper (Photo: Getty Images)

It’s only been a couple of days, but so far, Anderson Cooper’s new afternoon talk-show experiment is scoring tepid ratings.

The show – titled simply “Anderson” and airing in various daytime slots around the country (Philly, 9 a.m.; New York, 4 p.m., and all times in between) – notched a 1.1 rating in its debut Monday – a tear-filled hour with the distraught parents of the late Amy Winehouse.

According to this story on the showbiz Web site Deadline.com, the show’s producers declared that the opening-day rating was “atypically” low due to competition from U.S. Open tennis coverage on CBS stations that afternoon (due to the Open running a day over its usual schedule due to inclement weather during the tourney).

But the Deadline story reports that Day Two of “Anderson” also notched a 1.1 – without any unusual competition from tennis or any other live events. We had high hopes for Tuesday’s edition of “Anderson” – after all, the subject matter on that day seemed sure-fire: Spray-tanning with Snooki and sun-bathing (real tanning) with Kathy Griffin. Now that’s the stuff that real daytime talk shows are made of.

Alas, though, those two guests did not produce the hoped-for heat for fair-skinned Anderson. How did his show’s 1.1’s stack up with the rest of daytime talk? Well, to put it in perspective, the Deadline story reports that “Dr. Phil” on Tuesday scored a 4.6 (that was the show in which he interviewed the parents of Casey Anthony); “Regis and Kelly” had a 2.7; “Dr. Oz” – in which the doctor railed against poison apple juice – 2.5; “Ellen,” 2.3; and “Maury,” 1.6 (yes, “Maury” is still on TV).

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