‘General Hospital’ Stars Preview Sam & Jason’s Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I received a take out container of most unusual fortune cookies from the “General Hospital” publicity team. The fortunes were dark: “Love Will Haunt You,” “Love Awakens The Best Of Us – And The Worst Of Us.” They were in honor of Sam and Jason’s wedding which airs September 19th through 26th. As it turns out, the couple ends up getting married in a Chinese restaurant. Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco explained why it’s fitting that their characters decided to ignore almost every wedding tradition.


I saw a photo of Jason and Sam at their wedding. Is that really what they end up wearing when they get married?
Monaco: How does that happen? How do you ever get Sam and Jason in black t-shirts?

Burton: That’s kind of how we roll in this wedding. Originally, it was going to be a traditional wedding. It got quite overwhelming for Sam and Jason to pretty much deal with everybody’s expectations and this whole event. So they take off in the middle of the night. They find a Chinese restaurant.

Monaco: Who happens to have a minister.

Burton: [Who happens to be a minister. We decide yeah, this feels right. Let’s do it this way. So we go from the traditional to the non-traditional. We get married and then we go back to the ceremony where everybody at the church is waiting for us and they’re pretty upset.

Monaco: Sam does put her dress on and they do have their moment. It’s just theirs and it’s all she needed. Then when it’s finished she can take it off and put her t-shirt back on.

Burton: This whole story couldn’t have played out more perfectly for our characters so we’re really excited for the fans to see how it all plays out. There’s so many twists and turns. Franco shows up at the ceremony. It’s a long week and it’s a fun week. It’s been fun for us.

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Talk a little bit more about James Franco’s appearance.
Monaco: He was awesome. He was generous enough to give his time and energy. He took some time out of his schedule to come kick it with us. He’s awesome. He’s extremely talented and we’re really, really happy to have him back.

Since this is a non-traditional wedding, do Sam and Jason have non-traditional vows?
Burton: The way it goes down is pretty non-traditional, but we do say some vows. The exchanging of the rings is pretty cool, too, because they bring some history to the show and some history of the characters to the forefront. That was a nice moment that I didn’t really expect. The whole thing just turns out great.

How does Maxie (Kristen Storms) feel about the wedding she spent months planning not really happening.
Monaco: Maxie’s not really happy about it, but Maxie has to understand she wasn’t on top of her game, really. Everything she tried to do turned out to be a disaster, one after another after another. It’s kind of what led Sam into being so overwhelmed because she wasn’t quite capable of handling it.

Burton: Losing the ring the second time.

Monaco: Not having proper tuxedos, the dresses are missing, the flowers don’t show up.

Burton: Maxie was very upset, but oh well.

Did Jason’s recent health crisis deepen their relationship?
Monaco: Of course it deepens their relationship. I think they realize that life is short and let’s get it done.

Burton: I think the cool thing for Jason and Sam is they live in the moment, so for Sam to say, “You know what, let’s just push the date, let’s not even get married, let’s deal with what we’ve got to deal with,” there’s more Jason saying, “You know, we’re going to stick to that date. We’re going to get married no matter what happens.” It’s cool for the relationship. That was a good little twist, the accident, not knowing who he was going to wake up as or if he was going to remember Sam after all. A lot led up to this week of a lot of cool story.

Are Sam and Jason going to get to go on a honeymoon?
Monaco: Sam and Jason get to live their honeymoon today. What we’re taping today and tomorrow is all honeymoon scenes. We’ve had off for three weeks for haitus so we’re picking up as if [the wedding] were five hours ago.

How does Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) feel about not getting to see her oldest daughter say her vows?
Monaco: She barely claims her anyway. She’s got a couple more shots with her other kids.

Burton: Alexis is very upset with Jason and Sam.

Monaco: She didn’t care actually. She was like,”Good news. I don’t have to sit in the church any longer.”

Are Jason and Sonny (Maurice Benard) going to reconcile for the wedding?
Burton: No. Not at all. Sonny and Jason have kind of been on the outs for a while. He’s going through a breakdown, losing his mind a little bit. Jason actually for the first time, I think, in his career officially goes off the clock and has Sean take over for him. He’s no longer working for the couple days that we’re on our honeymoon. They still have a little rift between them. There’s definitely some distance. So we’ll see what happens. Right now, the priority is the wedding and the honeymoon.

How will getting married change Sam and Jason’s relationship?
Monaco: Jason just won’t feel guilty about having sex before marriage now. Now he can be like, “It’s cool because we’re married.” So he can take that off his head.

Burton: Thank you for sharing.

Monaco: It’s true, I think.

Burton: Is it? I don’t think much will change.

Monaco: Of course not. He’ll fight harder so whatever tries to come in between them doesn’t.

Burton: We plan on being married for a while.

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