Andrea Boehlke Accepts the ‘Survivor’ Power Rankings Challenge

Last Season: In a performance matched only by “Boston” Rob Mariano’s dominance over the Ometepe tribe, Matthew “Sash” Lenahan took an early lead over Gordon “Can’t Decide on a Nickname” Holmes and never gave it up. This defeat brought Gordon’s professional Power Rankings record to two wins and three losses.

This Season: Gordon’s Twitter followers were given the opportunity to pick this season’s challenger. The overwhelming choice was a contender who is as cunning as she is lovely, the last Survivor to return from Redemption Island, Andrea Boehlke. Will the Green Bay beauty get the best of XFINITY TV’s “Survivor” Know-It-All?

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Sophie is voted out this week, Andrea will receive 2 points and Gordon will receive 4 points. At the end of the season, the person  with the most points will be named the “Survivor: South Pacific” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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albert . albert
#1 Albert: Albert is a challenge beast and I don’t think he is going anywhere soon unless he gets Matt Elrod-ed. Whoops..that sounds dirty. He is a crucial part of the Upolu first-night alliance, which I like to call Coach’s CRABS. (Coach, Rick, Albert, Brandon, Sophie—See what I did there?) I’m in love with this alliance if it sticks together. . #1 Albert: Something that may have been glossed over during Wednesday’s premiere episode was the Ballad of Albert and the Wall. The dude scaled it by himself. Then lifted Brandon up using only his arms. Dude’s a monster.
#2 Sophie: Sophie is smart, aware, and strong. She also seems to be in the majority alliance of her tribe at this point, so she will be safe for a while. Most importantly, she speaks Russian! . #2 Keith: He’s laid back, he’s an asset in challenges, everyone seems to like him. Keith is beyond super safe…until the merge.
#3 Keith: We didn’t hear much from this hottie, but Savaii seems to be the physically weaker tribe, so they need to keep Keith around for challenge purposes. He seems to be going with the flow and not ruffling too many feathers. . #3 Coach: Warrior Alliance 2.0, baby! It seems like the Upolutians realize that Coach is a good guy, who really isn’t that big of a challenge or strategic threat. Who knew that Coach’s biggest asset could be some humility.
#4 Jim: Jim’s tribe needs him for challenges. I also predict Jim emerging as a possible leader and challenging Ozzy for power of the tribe. This stepping up to the plate could be dangerous, but Savaii can’t really afford to lose a strong man like Jim this early in the game. You also can’t vote out a man with such great one-liners! . #4 Sophie: Loving her. It feels like she’s already three steps ahead of everybody else on her tribe. And now she’s like Nancy Drew in the Hunt for the Hantz Tattoo.
Mikayla . RICK
#5 Mikayla: Watching Mikayla’s extra clips I find her to be charming and game savvy. She may not be in the Coach’s CRABS at this point, but she is way too strong and social to be voted out any time soon. Delilah is here to stay. . #5 Rick: Rick is not a Coach fan. He made that much clear during our pre-game interview. However, Coach is a solid part of Upolu’s dominant alliance right now. If Rick’s smart (and I think he is) he’ll ride that alliance till the merge, then try to boot Coach.
#6 Brandon (aka Hitler’s Nephew): I am on the fence with this dude. It seems as if Coach is taking Brandon under his wing — but when do we find out he is a Hantz? And is this going to hurt him? For now he is safe, he is important for challenges as well as camp life. Props to this kid for fishing, helping out, and not burning socks. . #6 Whitney: Whitney is beautiful, quiet, and inoffensive. We’ll probably hear from her as much as we heard from Purple Kelly Purple.
#7 Coach: Although Coach seems to have an early alliance of five, it is still new in the game and his tribe could very well turn on him a la Russell Hantz. He seems to be coming in with a much more humble approach and so far it seems to be working. So far so normal. . #7 Edna: We didn’t see much from Edna after she helped Coach with his gear. I’m sure she’s safe for now, there are a few people below her on the totem pole.
#8 Whitney: We hardly heard from blonde cutie, which tells me she isn’t going home. I think Whitney could definitely pull a Natalie White and coast to the end.  She is too athletic and sweet to vote out pre-merge and she is not enough of a threat to be worried about post-merge. . #8 Elyse: Not too much from Elyse in the first episode, but she seemed to be getting along with everybody. Right now she’s in the same boat with Edna; if Savaii heads back to Tribal Council, there are many people lined up for the chopping block before her.
#9 Elyse: I love this bubbly ball of joy. She is strong enough to keep around for now, but if Savaii goes on a losing streak she will really have to prove herself as a crucial tribe member to keep around. . #9 Brandon: Brandon’s a hard worker and he’s very valuable in challenges. My only concern about him is the bizarre non-reason he has for targeting Mikayla. Such flaws in strategy and logic could put a target on his back.
#10. Ozzy: I’m worried about Ozzy. I think Jim will be gunning for Oz soon, however at this point it would be ridiculous to vote out such a challenge beast. He has some politicking of his own to do now that Semhar is gone. He will be safe for a few rounds but watch out for Jim! . #10 Jim: So, it looks like we could be seeing a Jim vs. Ozzy power struggle. I’m saying “could be” because Ozzy obviously trusted Jim enough to float the idea of getting rid of Cochran. I’ll rank Jim higher when we have more proof that he’s pulling the strings at Savaii.
RICK . Mikayla
#11. Rick: Did you see Rick chop those ropes?! Rick proved himself with his rope-hacking skills, but he still is lower on the totem pole when it comes to being a physical asset. Nice mustache though.  He is the R to the CRABS. . #11 Mikayla: It would be a crime if Brandon tried to get rid of Mikayla because she’s attractive. Besides, if Mikayla is Delilah, Brandon has nothing to worry about, he already doesn’t have any hair.
#12. Edna: She doesn’t seem to be “IN” with the CRABS but I think there may be a side alliance going on between Coach and Edna. They made a point to show Edna stay back and help Coach and him take note of that. . #12 Ozzy: Ozzy should be perfectly safe until the merge, but people have sacrificed challenge strength for tribal unity before. If a power struggle does go down between Ozzy and Jim, my money’s on Jim. However, if anybody’s capable of making an Elrod-esque run at Redemption Island, my money’s on Ozzy.
#13 Dawn: Dawn seems so sweet and I would have loved to have her as a “Survivor” mom! With that being said, Dawn needs to get it together and channel her inner Holly Hoffman and emerge as the lovable mom figure. She needs to start building relationships with the younger kids and do what she does best: Momming. Yes, I like to make up words. . #13 Cochran: I love this kid, but he scares me. You find out Ozzy’s gunning for you and you buckle? Jim warned you, Papa Bear was with you. You just needed two more votes to keep the numbers. If you love “Survivor” so much, you’ve got to fight when you’re in trouble.
#14 Cochran: Even though I have a nerd crush on Cochran and really want him to do well, he is not in a safe position this week. It is well known that he isn’t the most athletic, is not great with “walls,” and was a bit of a paranoid hot mess last week.  I do have faith he is going to turn it around, but for now he has some work to do and has to build a strong alliance stat. . #14 Stacey: Oh, Stacey. If there’s a tree near your camp with a hole in it, odds are something important is inside. Also, why are you buddying up with Christine? Weren’t you around when everyone caught her wandering off to look for the idol?
#15 Christine: She reminds me a bit of Kristina from my season, looking for idols right out of the gate. It is one thing to look for idols, it is “Survivor” suicide to be caught looking for idols. It would be pretty bomb if she finds an idol this week and does something crazy with it. . #15 Dawn: Sometimes all people need is a reason. Dawn’s meltdown on day two was a perfectly good reason. If she can survive the next vote she should be fine. After all, her little freak out was only a .2 on the Holly Hoffman Scale. Everyone’s shoes are safe…for now.
#16 Ozzy Lusth: We didn’t see a lot of Stacey — we just know she doesn’t have the Hantz (or Ralph Kiser apparently) secret power of snatching idols. She may be first to go on Upolu just because of the physical aspect. . #16 Papa Bear: Does everyone in Savaii like Papa Bear? Probably. What’s not to like other than the blatant self-nicknaming? But, if they drop the next challenge they’ll be down by two. That’s when personalities and tribe unity take a backseat to challenge strength. I’ll make him a deal though; if he’s not voted out this week, I’ll update his image to say “Papa Bear.”
17. Papa Bear: I can’t wait for the day I inevitably get to meet and hug Papa Bear. I hope somehow he can find a way to last longer, but his tribe will probably see him as a weak link for challenges on Savaii. I really want Papa Bear to stay, maybe he can start something up with Dawn, Jim, Keith, Cochran and target the girls? I do predict a Savaii loss this week though unfortunately. . #17 Christine: Did Christine watch “Redemption Island?” Francesca was voted out for bad mouthing returning All Stars and Russell was voted out for focusing on finding the hidden immunity idol instead of gathering wood. Give my best to Semhar when you get to Redemption Island.
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