‘Castle’ Returns with Life Hanging in the Balance

Castle (ABC)

Castle (ABC)

Will Beckett survive? Will she remember that Castle told her he loved her? These are the questions that “Castle” fans have been pondering all summer. The fourth season premiere, “Rise,” on Monday will provide both answers and a plethora of new questions. The lighthearted mystery series takes on a more serious tone as Castle and the rest of the detectives investigate Beckett’s shooting. The precinct has a new captain, played by Penny Johnson Jerald (“24”).  Here are five reasons why the premiere will kick off the best season of “Castle” yet.

Beckett’s Life Hangs In the Balance: The premiere picks up right after the finale ends, with Beckett being rushed to the hospital. Tamala Jones (Lanie) reveals, “She flatlines and they keep bringing her back so as of right now Beckett is hanging on for dear life. They don’t know if she is going to survive or not. But there’s some drama that goes along with it. The surgeons are working on her in the hospital room. She actually spurts blood on them. It’s really gruesome and very dark. It’s amazing, though. I love our new make-up people. They did an amazing job.”

Preview Monday’s Premiere:

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The New Captain Brings A New Dynamic “The new Captain, she doesn’t have any affiliation with the mayor, like Castle does and Captain Montgomery did,” says Jones. “So she doesn’t understand why Beckett’s running around with a book writer. She thinks he’s probably hindering her from doing her real job. So the new captain’s not really crazy about Castle or the situation so there’s going to be some friction with them.” Jones has nothing but praise for Jerald, saying, “The people that watch ‘Castle’ and they see her, and they know her from ’24,’ it’s a completely different character, and this character is so hardcore and so by the book and so straight. The way that Penny handles this character is so bananas because there’s a fine line between ‘I hate her’ and ‘I love her,’ and you’re going to hate her for only a split second then you’re going to love her.” Viewers will also learn in the premiere that Captain Gates has something in common with “Peanuts” character Peppermint Patty.

The Recipient of Captain Montgomery’s Final Letter is Revealed: Before Captain Montgomery was killed, he mailed a letter detailing his role in the criminal conspiracy responsible for Beckett’s mother’s death. The identity of the recipient is revealed in the season premiere.  We’ll say this much: it’s not Castle or Beckett or Alexis or Martha. But it would have been really funny if it turned out to be Martha.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Castle/101449/2128540415/Sneak-Peek%3A-She-was-shot-because-of-you/embed 580 476]

Castle and Beckett’s First Scene Together Is A Heartbreaker: Of course, Beckett will survive. There would not be much of a show without her. But that does not mean that she and Castle are going to immediately fall into each other’s arms. Their first scene together in the premiere will drive shippers insane. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic prove that romantic angst is not just for teenagers.

A Hint About the Upcoming Superhero Episode: At Comic-Con, executive producer Andrew Marlowe revealed that a case on an upcoming episode of the show would involve a superhero — or at least someone dressed like one. At the TCA panels, ABC President Andrew Lee narrowed it down to a Marvel character. Jones narrows it down further, way further, saying, “It’s a female.”  Likely suspects could include Black Cat, Storm, Mystique, Black Widow, Rogue, and Elektra.

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