Dana Delaney: ‘Body of Proof’ Premiere Honors Wisteria Lane

Dana Delaney in Body of Proof (ABC)

Dana Delaney in Body of Proof (ABC)

Body of Proof’s” Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney) is back, and this year she’s lightening up. The procedural about the neurosurgeon turned medical examiner was last season’s break out hit. This fall, Megan will still be tough and smarter than everybody else in the room except when it comes to her relationships, but she’s learning to enjoy life. Tuesday night’s premiere (10/9c) finds Megan investigating a case that takes her to a neighborhood that will seem familiar to viewers of Delaney’s previous hit ABC show. Delaney spoke about what surprised her about the premiere, which upcoming case gave her the heebie jeebies, and whether Megan will finally find love.

Was Megan’s first visit to the street where the victim in the premiere lived a deliberate homage to “Desperate Housewives”?
Yeah. They didn’t tell me they were going to do that. I didn’t know until I read the script out loud for the first time and I was like, “Really? You’re doing that?” But it was fun. I thought it was a good way to start the season with a little wink and a nod. I think it also sets the tone for us for the season. We have more humor this year. I think we’re a little bit lighter, partly because last season we were establishing the show and I think we had to show what Dr. Megan Hunt was before. She was this driven neurosurgeon and she was balking against being a medical examiner. But I think now she’s realized that this is kind of a cool job so she’s jumped into it more. I think there’s a little bit room for more play.

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How are Megan’s relationships with her daughter and her mother going to evolve this season?
I think the toughest one is her relationship with her mother because that’s been going on for a long time and most people don’t change after  a certain age. I think Megan has, actually. Her relationship with her daughter is evolving. Lacey is going to be spending more time with Megan in her apartment. She gets her own room. She’s a full blown teenager, which is also the same of Mary Mouser, who plays my daughter. It’s fascinating. She left kind of a pre-teen and came back a total teenager when we started this summer. She walked into the room and I said, “Oh my God. What happened to you?” It’s been fun to work with her because we talk about boys and stuff like that now.

What are some of Megan’s upcoming cases going to deal with?
We always have great medical mysteries. I really don’t know how the writers come up with them. One of my favorites so far, I think it’s because it’s a personal nightmare of mine, is a body gets delivered to the morgue in a body bag and it turns out the person is still alive. Of course it’s very complicated and interesting and not what you’d expect.

How does Megan feel about her boss dating her ex-husband?
We ended last season with that discovery and that will be continuing this season. Megan’s not happy about it, but there’s really nothing she can do because that’s her boss. I can understand why somebody would want to go after Jeri Ryan. She’s hot. I can’t deny him that, but it’s awkward. I think it’s a great position to be in because usually Megan’s in control and she’s not in this situation.

Will this be the season that Megan opens her heart to a man?
Yeah. She meets an FBI agent, played by Cliff Curtis, who is an old friend of mine. That will play out and then we have a love interest coming up that we’re actually casting for right now. So, if people have suggestions…

“Body of Proof” returns Tuesday, Sept. 20 at 10/9c on ABC.

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