‘DWTS’: Chynna Phillips Felt Orphanage Angels Dancing Around Her

Chynna Phillips of 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Chynna Phillips of 'DWTS' (Photo: ABC)

Some might say that Chynna Phillips’ gorgeous Viennese Waltz with Tony Dovolani on the season premiere of “Dancing with the Stars” was angelic. Well, that would be correct and you don’t know the half of it.

The Wilson Phillips singer literally felt angels dancing around her when she hit the hardwood Monday night for a performance that scored her a 22, tied for first place with actor/war veteran J.R. Martinez.

“DWTS” Season Premiere: How’d They Do?

Confused? We’ll let her explain…

High score of the night … did you feel it would be this good in rehearsal?
Chynna: After I did it, I felt a rush of peace and happiness.
Tony: Words can’t describe how proud I am of her. Something that is refreshing about her is when you see how dedicated she is and how committed she is – she has been the ideal student. She would probably tell you she’s a terrible student, but I love everything that she brings to the table and the fact that she went out there and believed in me and trusted the fact that I wanted to give her a solo.

Why did you give her a solo in her first dance? That’s unheard of.
Tony: I gave her a solo on purpose because I wanted her to know how much I believe in her. We are going to challenge each other until the end.

Have you given a solo before?
Tony: No, never in a first dance. I wanted to challenge her right from the start. We need to get over all the scary parts, which is dancing by yourself, right from the start. Here’s 15 seconds of it, do it by yourself.

Were you scared of the solo?
Chynna: You know what’s funny, when you don’t know what to expect and you don’t know anything different, you know, I’ve never watched ‘Dancing with the Stars’ before, so I didn’t know that nobody gets solos the first time. That was good, at least I didn’t know so it didn’t make me scared. I didn’t know if the cameras were on me for the solo. I had no idea. He just told me to do it and I did it.
Tony: When I was watching her do the solo, I could tell something more than just what she’s doing. So I asked her, ‘something came over you. You weren’t normal,’ meaning you weren’t Chynna that thinks, you were Chynna that embodied this special energy. And she said there were some angels around her.
Chynna: I literally felt the angels of the orphanage that I work with. All the little kids were dancing around me. They were dancing around me. I could feel them. And I could feel their energy. We are on a mission to build a 60-room dorm for these kids, so if anyone wants more information on what I’m working on please go to chynnaphillips.com. [She is talking about The Family Change Project, a non-profit she established to help orphans in Tijuana. www.familychange.org]

Now that you’ve seen everyone dance, who is the one beat?
Chynna: I was really into Carson’s dance. I was up. I was moving. And, you know, don’t underestimate the power of his presence because he could get a lot of people voting for him just on his showmanship.

Have you been practicing your steps with your hubby [Billy Baldwin] there?
Chynna: No, he’s got two left feet.

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