Simon Finds ‘Meaning of Life’ in ‘The Flintstones’

Simon Cowell on "The Tonight Show" Monday (Photo: NBC)

What’s the secret to Simon Cowell’s success? Well, besides a strict morning breakfast regimen that includes oatmeal, papaya juice, English tea and three exotic smoothies, it’s a daily diet of “The Flintstones” that helps get Simon focused and ready to face his workday.

That was the word from Cowell himself, who revealed his “Flintstones” fascination Monday night on “The Tonight Show” on NBC when he appeared to promote Wednesday night’s premiere of his new talent-competition show, “The X Factor” on Fox (8/7c).

The “Flintstones” revelation came as Jay Leno asked Simon to describe how he begins each workday. “You have the same sort of ritual every morning, don’t you?” Leno said.

Yes, Cowell answered. Among other things, he hits the “snooze” button on his clock-radio three times every morning before his housekeepers arrive with his breakfast on a tray. In addition, his domestic staff knows exactly when to “draw his bath” and the water temperature he prefers: “just above lukewarm,” Cowell said.

“And then you watch cartoons, is that correct?” Leno asked. “Why cartoons?”

“Because they’re more fun than watching the news, to be honest with you,” Cowell said, describing how he lingers at home until past noon before going to work because, he said, he often works until 4 or 5 in the morning. That’s how he formed the habit of watching cartoons – including “The Flintstones,” which airs weekdays at noon on Boomerang, the classic cartoon channel.

“Interestingly,” Cowell said, “now I’ve watched ‘The Flintstones’ over a few years [and] there’s always a sort of secret message I get from each episode. So you learn something!”

“A secret message . . . ,” Leno said wonderingly. “What is the message you would get?”

“The meaning of life and things,” Cowell said with no hint that he might have been kidding. “When you go to watch the cartoons a few times [you] discover what they say. . . . It’s much more fun watching ‘The Flintstones’ than the news because the news just gets a bit too serious and Barney [Rubble] and Fred [Flintstone] are always in a good mood!”

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