Two Stars Ink Deals For Online ‘All My Children’

Cameron Mathison on All My Children (ABC)

Cameron Mathison on All My Children (ABC)

One of “All My Children’s” biggest stars, Camaron Mathison (Ryan) and one of its most popular newcomers Lindsay Hartley, (Cara) have signed deals with production company Prospect Park to join the online version of the soap, the company announced Monday. They are the first AMC actors to do so. While there have been numerous announcements about the online version of “One Life to Live,” there has been little information about AMC. There have been recent reports that Prospect Park was opting to focus on OLTL because it has higher ratings and because Susan Lucci opted not to join the online soap. The news that the web version of AMC is moving forward is particularly welcome this week, with the show airing its ABC finale on Friday, September 23.  Hopefully, numerous other cast members will join Mathison and Hartley when Pine Valley moves online.

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“All My Children” Stars Recall Their Most Memorable Scenes

“All My Children” has featured everything from tragedy to farce over the show’s 41 year run. Fans fondly recall Erica’s numerous weddings, meetings of the Daughters of Fine Lineage, Jesse and Jenny on the run in New York, the numerous scenes where David Canary flawlessly played twins and the first Pine Valley tornado. The actors have their favorites, too. At a recent junket, cast members shared some of their most memorable scenes.

Susan Lucci (Erica): The Bianca (then Eden Riegel) coming out to her mother, Erica, storyline is to me one of my proudest moments to be associated with that storyline and I think that is one of the greatest visionary storylines that’s been told. Agnes [Nixon] wanted to tell that story for years.

Bobbie Eakes (Krystal): The very beginning with Babe (Alexa Havins). My crazy, redneck marriage to Adam. I love some of the work that we did when Marissa (then Brittany Allen) came back into my life. One of the scenes I loved was confessing to Tad that I sold my baby. That’s huge. I love the group scenes with the veterans: Jill Larson, David Canary, Michael Knight. I love working with Ray [McDonnell] and Lee Meriwether. We have a lot of laughs together during the group scenes.

Alicia Minshew (Kendall): [My first scene with Thorsten Kaye]I walked in and I remember the way [he] looked at me when I walked into that scene. I will never forget it. [He] looked me up and down and went, “Yeah.” There were some wonderful scenes with Susan [Lucci] that created a whole new relationship as mother and daughter. I remember those scenes. Susan and I still talk about them. The fans loved them because it was like, we’ve been waiting for years to see Erica and Kendall connect like that.

Jill Larson (Opal): Right from the very first day that I arrived unannounced at Thanksgiving dinner with the Martins, and Tad was so horrified I was there. The whole arc of the story of trying to break up Tad and Dixie (Cady McClain) and not being successful and therefore moving into their apartment while they were on their honeymoon and redecorating it all in yellow and black plaid. The writers kept saying to me, “We’re having so much fun writing your character because we’re putting in all of our mother-in-law from hell stories.” When Palmer (James Mitchell) started hiring Sean Cuddhy to try and seduce me so that I would get off his case and my constantly saying, “I’m a one man gal. I’m completely committed to my Palmer.” Everything in my seduction of Palmer.

Rebecca Budig (Greenlee): I threw Laura off a yacht. She was messing with Leo and she shoved him off the yacht.

Cameron Mathisonn(Ryan): The most outrageous thing Ryan has done is have a six month relationship with a ghost. The toughest thing, easily, in fourteen years, was when Ryan almost punched Greenlee. That was really trippy trying to justify. I was always going to the Fight Club. I was struggling with my abusive father. I didn’t want to be like my Dad. Then she told me she was pregnant.

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