‘NCIS: LA’ Premiere: Hetty is Shot as Callen’s Past is Revealed

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS)

On the third season premiere of “NCIS: Los Angeles,” Hetty’s (Linda Hunt) life is on the line when she is shot by the head of the Comescu family in Romania — and the body count keeps rising!

The team — who are no longer NCIS agents as they resigned at the end of last season to search for Hetty — have left Prague and found their way to the beach community where the former head of the Los Angeles NCIS office is being held hostage.

As usual, you need a scorecard to keep track of all the twists and turns and possible double agents in an episode of NCIS and tonight’s Los Angeles episode with its major reveal about Callen’s past — we have been waiting for two years to find out his backstory — is no exception!

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Right off the bat, Callen (Chris O’Donnell) — we still don’t know his first name — has a deja vu moment when he stares out at the Black Sea and realizes that a recurring childhood memory he has had for years is from something that happened in Romania, not on the California coast.

Then we flashback to 53 minutes earlier: Hetty and Alexa Comescu (Christine Rose) are having a tension-filled chat in the kitchen as Alexa uses a very sharp knife to prepare soup for her family. But it isn’t the knife that cuts deep; it is her story about why Callen must die.

THE TRUTH ABOUT CALLEN’S PAST: Alexa reveals that in the war her grandfather did what he had to do to keep his family safe from the death camps. Then, there was a coup and the power shifted. From being someone to rely on, Alexa’s grandfather became despised. He was tracked down by an American OSS officer [the OSS is now the CIA] who killed him and two of his brothers. That OSS agent was Callen’s grandfather.

Alexa’s father tracked him down and killed him. Years later, a woman returned and even though she had changed her name because of her connection to the OSS agent, the Comescus recognized her. She had two children — a son and a daughter — and she was shot by a Comescu while her son — Callen — played nearby on the beach.

So that is why Alexa believes that Callen has come to Romania to kill her. She believes it is in his blood. Hetty tries to reassure her that Callen has really come to rescue her, but Alexa says: “His time should have ended with his mother. It was a mistake to let him live.”

A REVEAL ABOUT HETTY: When Alexa asks Hetty, “What is this thing you did that was so bad you have to come to my house and die to make your amends,” Hetty reveals: “It is not what I did, it is what I didn’t do. What I couldn’t do. Save her. Save his mother.”

Meanwhile, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi (Daniela Ruah) are staking out the beach house and recognize Agent Hunter (Claire Forlani), who is acting all chummy with the Comescu men — as if she were family. They share this information with Callen and Sam (LL Cool J).

Then Hunter and Callen talk and Hunter tells him that the Comescus are keeping Hetty alive to flush him out. Hunter asks where he is and Callen tells her — but not to worry, he has a plan!

While the Comescu’s head to the garage where Callen, Sam, Kensi and Deeks are holed up, the NCIS team heads out to the beach house for a shoot out. It is then Alexa shoots Hetty.

Along the way, NCIS Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) tells Callen that as far as he is concerned Callen didn’t turn in his badge. He mistakenly left it on the desk and Leon has put it in the drawer for safe keeping. Whew! As if we thought we would be watching a whole new team next week.

After all the Comescus at the house are knocked off, Callen gets the drop on Alexa, who tries to save her life, telling him: “I know everything about you.” Callen has been waiting all his life to figure out who he is, but the decision is taken out of his hand. Hunter shoots Alexa.

BEST LINE OF THE NIGHT: Hunter turns to Callen and says, “When did you trust me?” He responds, “When you shot her.”

Hetty collapses and we fade to black. We will have to wait to next week to see if she survives her gunshot wounds, but there was a glimpse of her in next week’s promo. A flashback? Time will tell. And if she lives, we also will want to know if Alexa told her Callen’s first name before she died.

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