‘NCIS’ Premiere: DiNozzo’s Secret Assignment Leaves an Agent Dead

Rocky  Carroll and Mark Harmon on NCIS (CBS)

Rocky Carroll and Mark Harmon on NCIS (CBS)

The ninth season premiere of “NCIS” picks up two months after last season ended with Tony (Michael Weatherly) on a secret assignment for the SECNAV [Secretary of the Navy] — except he has been shot and — oh yeah, — he is suffering from amnesia so he can’t for the life of him remember shooting back.

To complicate matters, a bloody NCIS badge is found at the scene, making it look as if Tony shot a fellow agent. So Gibbs (Mark Harmon) calls in Dr. Rachel Cranston (Wendy Makkena) to shrink Tony’s head.

Flashback to May: Tony is playing golf with SECNAV (Clayton Jarvis played by Matt Craven) who says he chose Tony to handle this case because he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. Tony tries to get SECNAV to let him use the whole team, but he gets turned down when Jarvis says, “You saw the photo. You know the problem.”

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When Gibbs begins to investigate what really happened in the alley where Tony was shot, Ducky (David McCallum) tells him that the late Agt. Gayne Levin (Alimi Ballard), who was killed at the end of last season, had a microchip in his arm.

Early June: Gibbs confronts Jarvis about Tony and while they are together, a friend of Jarvis’, Felix Wright (Bryan Friday), drives up and dies in front of Gibbs and Jarvis. He is a naval office and also has an incision in his arm where a microchip used to be.

The microchips are deemed a matter of national security as they provide access to a secret database. Sean Latham (Philip Casnoff), head of the Office of Naval Intelligence, meets with Jarvis to stress the importance of getting them back and casts doubt on DiNozzo’s investigation.

Now things get really complicated with almost everyone looking as if they could be the double agent in this convoluted plot. So on the DL, Director Vance (Rocky Carroll) has Gibbs put McGee (Sean Murray) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) on the case to find the link between Levin and Wright, which they do. Both men used to work for the Director of Special Ops spying on the spies.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Tony tells Rachel that he had to track down NCIS Special Agent Erica Jane “E.J” Barrett (Sarah Jane Morris) because she looked to be selling the microchips on the black market. But it turned out she was just a pawn. The real bad guys needed her to draw out NCIS Special Agent Simon Cade (Matthew Willig).

Tony is interrupted in his tale by FBI Agent Casey Stratton (Scott Wolf), who backs out the door when Rachel says she is going to call Gibbs to see if he is legit.

When Cade, Barrett and DiNozzo are faked out by a text message that they each think the other sent, they meet up in an alley and are all shot. Tony was wearing a vest so he survived. Barrett is MIA. Cade is DOA.

The End: We find out that Tony never fired his gun, he was set up.

So Who Shot Them? Stratton was the shooter. He showed up at the hospital to try to finish Tony off.

Cut To: The Office of Naval Intelligence, where Sean Latham tells Stratton, “Jarvis isn’t any wiser. But find Barrett.” Then he links into a satellite meeting with a bunch of bad guys and starts an auction for the microchip now back in his possession.

Last Shot: Gibbs finds a photo of all the bad guys together in one of the late Mike Franks’ files. To be continued.

Tiva Fans: Ziva’s probabtion is over. She is now a journeyman NCIS agent. And there is a nice scene between the two of them where she cautions Tony to look out for himself.

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