‘Parenthood’ Recap: Inappropriate Braverman Behavior Runs Rampant

Erika Christensen on Parenthood (NBC)

Erika Christensen on Parenthood (NBC)

The second episode of this season of “Parenthood” was all about the Bravermans being presumptuous, rude, and ignoring social cues. Max has Aspergers, but what is everyone else’s excuse?

The episode opens with Kristina (Monica Potter) staring at Max (Max Burkholder) while he sleeps. That’s taking helicopter parenting too far, Kristina. It’s Max’s first day in a mainstream school. Max’s Aspergers behavior does not endure him to his classmates. The teacher sternly orders him to raise his hand before speaking. The next morning, Kristina peppers Max with questions about school before he even gets out of bed. No wonder Max lacks social skills with Kristina as a role model. Kristina complains to Adam (Peter Krause) that Max’s teacher is not responding to her e-mails. Maybe she’s busy doing her job. How come Adam is so unconcerned about this huge change in his son’s life? Julia spies on Max at recess and sees him reading a book by himself. Kristina barges in on the teacher unannounced and demands she talk to him about Max. Instead of telling her that her behavior is worse than Max’s, she gives Kristina the best advice ever: she needs to accept that she will now have less control over Max’s life. Jafar saves the day when he and his tiny friends ask Max about video games. That was sweet and more plausible than the kids his own age suddenly embracing him.

Watch The Episode, “Hey, If You’re Not Using That Baby,” Below:

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Julia (Erika Christensen) continues stalking Zoe the pregnant latte girl. She asks Julia for help fighting an unjust eviction. Julia offers to write a cease-and-desist letter pro bono. What she’s really thinking is, “You can pay me with your unborn child.” Julia discusses asking Zoe if they can adopt her baby with Joel (Sam Jaeger). Instead of being concerned that his wife is presumptuous and rude, he’s worried that Zoe might have genetic problems or be on drugs. Wouldn’t any other potential birth parent have the same risks? Does he think babies from adoption agencies come with warranties? Zoe tells Julia she’s working with an adoption agency. At this point, it would be appropriate for Julia to mention her desire to adopt, so of course she does not. Finally, when Zoe thanks her for solving the landlord problem. she straight up asks if she can adopt her baby. For a lawyer, Julia is not at all slick. Zoe turns her down.

Adam shows Crosby (Dax Shepard) a business plan for the recording studio. He does not want to join his venture because he feels obligated to take the stable job with the soda distributor. Couldn’t he help Crosby on the side then quit if the recording studio takes off? This is an artificial problem. Crosby uses Adam’s name on a loan application anyway. Adam ends up accompanying him to a meeting with the building’s owner, who has an offer to turn it into office space. Adam makes a strong pitch that the recording studio is a better use for the building and Crosby gets the lease. The Braverman Brothers are in business.

Sarah (Lauren Graham) visits Mr. Cyr during the school day. She finds his lecture about Emily Dickinson a huge turn on, so they leave the school grounds and have sex. He has to hide under the bed when Zeek knocks on her door with coffee for as he terms it, Sarah’s “bed buddy.” Hee! Mr. Cyr invites Sarah to attend his brother’s wedding in December. This activates Sarah’s commitment phobia. She tells him she is not sure if she’s ready. Sarah is nuts. He’s hot. He’s stable. He’s funny. He’s younger. Call me, Mr. Cyr!  Sarah tells Amber that she’s dating Mr. Cyr, because she thinks Amber will care even though she’s graduated from high school now. Amber is like, “Whatever. Have fun, Cougar.”  Sarah tells Mr. Cyr she’s now sure about him. Since this is a TV show he is happy instead of already dating a 22 year old.

Julia hands Alex’s (Michael B. Jordan) case off to an actual criminal attorney who works pro bono. Somehow, the parents of the fratty dude that Alex punched are pressing charges. Shouldn’t that be the state’s decision? And why weren’t they charged with serving alcohol to minors if they were home to call the cops during the party? This storyline makes no sense.  Haddie (Sarah Ramos)  tells her parents what happened. They are stunned into speechlessness by the nonsensical arrest. Haddie is hurt that Alex wants to meet with his lawyer without her. She has turned into a mini Kristina. Haddie speaks to the dude bro, who illogically claims that the reason his parents want Alex to be prosecuted is because he was previously convicted of attempted armed robbery. So they’d be okay if their son was punched by a guy without priors? Is everyone in this story but twelve-stepper Alex high? Haddie thinks he’s mistaken, but dude bro tells her Alex was convicted of attempted armed robbery. Alex tells her about his years as Vince from “Friday Night Lights” and how his druggie mom addiction to alcohol caused him to rob a liquor store. He kept in from her because he was scared she would not give him a chance. He gets creepy about how she’s the only person he has. If only he could turn to Coach Taylor for advice.

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