5 Things to Know About ‘Charlie’s Angels’

The New 'Charlie's Angels' (Photo: ABC)

The New 'Charlie's Angels' (Photo: ABC)

Tonight ABC introduces us to the new “Charlie’s Angels,” and as the promos go … these angels are no saints.

The cast may be white-hot, but so far the critics have given this modernized take on that memorable seventies show a cold reception. One reason is that many wonder why this remake of a remake (if you count the Drew Barrymore “Charlie’s Angels” movies) was even made in the first place. It’s probably because “archangel” Barrymore is on board once again to executive produce, along with one of the producers from the original series, Leonard Goldberg, and a few producers from the superhero franchise “Smallville.” But these “Angels” may need a little help from above too if they are to fly high in this highly competitive fall TV season.

Here are 5 Things to Know About the “Charlie’s Angels” Remake:

1. Who Are the New Angels? Two relative unknowns and Derek Jeter’s ex-girlfriend. These Angels have fallen from grace and are getting a second chance: Jeter’s ex Minka Kelly plays Eve, a street racer with a mysterious past; Annie Ilonzeh is Kate Prince, a Miami cop who lost her career and her fiancé; and Rachael Taylor takes on the part of Abby Sampson, a Park Avenue princess who became a world-class thief. There’s also a hotter, younger Bosley this time around, played by Ramon Rodriguez.

2. What About the Famous Voice? The part of enigmatic boss Charlie, owner of the Townsend Agency that employs the Angels, is forever connected to John Forsythe, who played the speaker-phone only role in the original. Smooth talker Robert Wagner was originally cast as Charlie in this series but had to drop out due to “scheduling conflicts.” The new man giving the orders to the ladies: Victor Garber, who last ordered around hot undercover agent Sydney Bristow on “Alias.”

3. Too Hot to Handle! There’s already behind-the-scenes drama: A crew member was allegedly fired from the Miami set for groping star Minka Kelly, who was furious about the incident.

4. The producers know they face a tough challenge in Remake-Land: “We know a show like this has a big target on its back,” says one of the execs, who adds they plan to “keep the DNA” of the original show, but hope to make these characters more “emotionally resonant.” (That might mean more if the acting was, uh, as strong as the action.)

5. Blonde angel Rachael Taylor describes the show as this: “If Jack Bauer and Carrie Bradshaw had a love child, it would be “Charlie’s Angels.'” Nuff’ said.

The new “Charlie’s Angels” airs Thursday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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