Does ‘It Girl’ Whitney Cummings Have a Shortcoming?

Whitney Cummings (NBC)

Whitney Cummings (NBC)

She’s tall, pretty and smart. She’s also an outrageous stand-up comic known for her raunchy jokes on “Chelsea Lately” and several Comedy Central Roasts. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from The University of Pennsylvania in three years. She’s 29. With “Whitney” and “2 Broke Girls,” she has two shows on primetime TV. She’s making great dough in a depressed economy. What doesn’t Whitney Cummings have going for her? “I have very low self esteem,” she admits. Oh, well that evens the playing field a bit.

With tonight’s premiere of “Whitney” – a comedy loosely based on her life as a “happily unmarried” twentysomething – Cummings, dubbed fall TV’s “It Girl,” offers her take on the funny-hot thing, what to expect from her new series, and how Chelsea Handler’s sage words of advice will stick with her forever.

On Her Real Life Friendship With TV Boyfriend Chris D’Elia: Chris and I came up together as standups in the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. We started at about the same time and became very close and developed together, so saw each other every night in the clubs and watched each other develop and have grown with each other and have been very close since the beginning. I wrote the show with Chris in mind because…He’s like the most, I believe, talented young comedian working besides me.

Preview “Whitney”:

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On How The Show Will Deal With The “M” Word: Throughout the show, we’ll sort of see these kind of obstacles and pros and cons of getting married, you know. [Co-stars] Zoe [Lister Jones] and Maulik [Pancholy] in the show will get married and we’ll sort of track that. And I’ll sort of maybe see the good side of it, the bad side of it, and sort of move forward and back.

On Being Beautiful And Funny In Hollywood: It doesn’t feel that unique anymore. I feel like all women on TV now are funny…Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, Christina Applegate and Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig. Being a funny woman now is not that interesting. It’s really common. I’m really not that impressive. Tina is doing all this, and has a book, and is doing movies. I feel like I’m the underachiever in the group.

On Maintaining Her Sanity With Two Shows On The Air: No one is saying I’m not out of my mind. Fortunately I’m good with the more I work, the more I work. I have an amazing showrunner named Betsey Thomas. She prioritzed my life. She is my f–king Allah. We’re done by 6 every day.

On Words Of Wisdom Imparted By Chelsea Handler: She’s inspired me so much to be myself – whether America likes that person or not. Chelsea is 100% who she is, the same person she was before she was famous. She’s so like real and honest and she’s never tried to be someone she’s not, so through example, I’ve really learned, at times when I feel like, I need to be someone I’m not, or I need to say something so people like me, she really helped me eliminate those instincts to try to be fake or someone I’m not. When you’re doing a TV show based on you it’s hard. There’s all this sh-t, like likeability is a big thing – being likable. I just don’t worry about stuff like that. Chelsea just doesn’t give a sh-t about what people think and it’s worked in her favor so well. People sniff through bullsh-t and they see when you’re being fake. What people love about Chelsea so much is how honest and real she is. She never says anything that isn’t true.

“Whitney” premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 at 10:30/9:30c on NBC.

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