‘The Vampire Diaries’: How to Fail at Building Hybrids

Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Nina Dobrev on The Vampire Diaries (CW)

Last night’s episode of “Vampire Diaries” was all about Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) attempts to build a hybrid manufacturing plant in Tennessee. It turns out, it’s not as easy as Toyota makes it look. Damon (Ian Somerhalder), still mourning Andie, is not interested in helping Elena (Nina Dobrev) track down Stefan (Paul Wesley) in Tennessee. So Elena persuades Alaric (Matt Davis) to help. Even though last week he abandoned her, he insists on accompanying her on the werewolf hunt. She gives him John Gilbert’s ring for protection. Of course, Damon ends up joining them because he’s determined to protect Elena. He shows her how much he cares by tossing her in a lake. Make your own tasteless joke about Damon getting Elena soaking wet. Damon makes the obvious point that Elena is only safe because Klaus thinks she is dead. So she really shouldn’t get in his face. It also happens to be a full moon. Shouldn’t they wait until the full moon is over to embark on this quest? Oh well. Why let logic get in the way of an exciting scenario?

See What EP Julie Plec Has To Say About Last Night’s Episode:

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Klaus and Stefan bring Ray the Unlucky Werewolf back to his pack. They explain that though he is soon to be a new and improved hybrid wolf-vamp. The pack is not enthusiastic about the prospect of becoming nearly omnipotent. Stefan explains that Ray needs human blood to transition into a vampire. Conveniently, though somewhat illogically, there is a human in the crowd. Presumably he planned to leave before the full moon. Klaus’s goal is to build an army of hybrids that will be so feared no one will attempt to fight them.

Unfortunately, Ray is crying blood which is not supposed to be part of the transformation process. He bites Stefan’s arm before he runs away.  Klaus will only save Stefan with his hybrid blood if he brings back Ray alive. Stefan hides when he sees Elena and Damon. Ray finds our heroes and, not inclined to think kindly of vampires after what he has just endured, attacks Damon. They manage to tie him up. He starts to turn into a wolf before the full moon rises, thanks to his hybrid powers.  Elena and her posse do the smart thing and flee. Elena falls and comes face to face with Ray in wolf form. Damon offers himself as a decoy to protect her. Stefan kills Ray to save Damon. Hey, everyone cares about everyone! Stefan tells Damon to keep Elena away from him. Damon hustles Elena into the car. Stefan watches her leave from the shadows.

Elena easily persuades Ric to form a misfit family with her and Jeremy. Ric keeps the Gilbert ring. It’s disappointing that Alaric’s abandonment of the Gilberts only lasted five minutes. It seems like his journey back should have been a longer arc.

When Stefan returns with Ray’s corpse, Klaus tells him the hybrids were rabid. Some he killed. Others just bled out. He doesn’t understand why he wasn’t able to turn them. Stefan realizes that Elena being alive stops him from creating hybrids, but of course says nothing. Klaus, aware that Stefan is all he’s got, calls him comrade and lets him drink his blood. This may be the season of the Originals, but it’s also the season of the bromance.

Back in Mystic Falls, Damon tells Elena he now thinks Stefan can be saved, revealing Stefan couldn’t let him die. He hopes Elena brings him back. Damon wants to know why Elena was so willing to leave the mountain without seeing Stefan. She admits she was worried about Damon. Damon tells her that when Elena succeeds at saving Stefan he wants her to remember how she felt about Damon. Go ahead and ship that!

The accidental sexual tension between Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) and Matt (Zach Roerig) continues when Matt changes in front of him. Bonnie (Kat Graham) better get back to Mystic Falls soon. Jeremy wants Matt to help him contact Vicki (Kayla Ewell), figuring it will be easier for him to reach his sister. Vicki appears to Jeremy but Matt cannot see her. She tells Jeremy to help her come back. Then Anna (Malese Jow) breaks a window and tells Jeremy not to trust Vicki. Jeremy has two ghosts fighting over him! Bonnie really needs to come home.

Mayor Lockwood (Susan Walters) doses Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) coffee with vervaine. Then she calls Bill, a never before seen member of the council, revealing that Caroline (Candice Accola) is a vampire. He insists that they kill her. Matt makes up with Tyler and reveals he occasionally doses the coffee at the Grill with vervaine to protect customer. Tyler realizes what his mother did. He confronts her. She tells him she knows about Caroline, whom she refers to as a monster. Tyler gleans that his mother is unaware that the men in her family are werewolves. He takes her to the dungeon so she can watch him transition. When Tyler returns to human form, Mrs. Lockwood has become pro-supernatural being. It’s like any other alternative lifestyle; once you learn someone you love is involved, you become more tolerant. She tells him she will make sure Caroline doesn’t get hurt. Bill refuses to call off the hit. He walks into the cell where Caroline is chained up. Caroline calls him Daddy! Yes, Caroline’s AWOL Gay Dad wants to kill her.

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