‘The Good Wife’: 5 Big Changes in Season 3

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

It will be a season of change for “The Good Wife.”  The show has a new time period on Sunday nights, where it will face stiff competition from “Desperate Housewives.” It’s got a provocative new promotional campaign with the slogan, “Don’t let the name fool you,” apparently targeting viewers who still might think the complex, serialized legal drama is about a happy homemaker. It’s also got a brand new dynamic. Now the titular good wife, Alicia Florrick (Emmy winner Julianna Margulies) is the adulterer after finally sleeping with with Will (Josh Charles) in the season. Her cheating, ex-con estranged husband, Peter (Chris Noth) has redeemed himself by being elected to Chicago’s State’s Attorney. Here are five things that will shake up this season of “The Good Wife.”

New Characters

This season, the producers are introducing several new characters. Eddie Izzard will play a lawyer. “House’sLisa Edelstein will portray a mediator. Since Kelli Giddish, who was introduced as Kalinda’s love interest Sophia Russo at the end of Season 2, landed a starring role on “Law & Order: SVU,” the writers have introduced a new character, Amani (Nicole Beharie). Executive Producer Robert King told the Daily Beast, “She’s going to be someone we use at the state’s attorney’s office. It won’t be exactly the same mode, but we didn’t want Matt Czuchry to be kind of off there without someone to connect with. That was supposed to be Kelli Giddish. [Sophia] was a good bridge between a Kalinda that doesn’t want to feel anymore and Cary who feels squeezed out by Kalinda’s new [mode]. You’ll see hints of it in the first episode.”

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Alicia Will Be More Morally Ambiguous

When the show began, Alicia was a moral person forced to navigate an immoral world. Now that she has slept with Will, the wall she has put up between herself and the other characters has come tumbling down. Says King, “We’re seeing how far we can get away with what the job requires of her compromising some moral understanding. If Alicia, from before the show started, saw who she was now, I don’t think she’d recognize herself because she’s allowed to make all these moral compromises that are required by her job, and she’s surrounded by people who have accommodated that.”

Kalinda Without Alicia

When Alicia learned that Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) once slept with her husband, she ended their friendship. Now the enigmatic investigator will close herself off even more from the people around her. According to King, “Kalinda is going to try to be someone who’s detached from everyone emotionally and will find that difficult. In many ways, she finds more humanity over the course of the year… In theory, once you finally reveal Kalinda is as human as anybody else in the show, she’s not the untouchable superwoman … A lot of the things that make her dark and make her who she is, we can now explore on the human side, and not as some super–Lara Croft kind of person.”

Peter in Power

Now that Peter is the State’s Attorney, he will no longer be trying to work his way into the public’s, and Alicia’s, good graces. He will have power, money, and respect. He will also have all of the same temptations that got him into trouble. King thinks it will lend an interesting new dynamic to the show.“One of the things Peter will have to face is, can you have a second act in life, the second act being the one that started this year when he starts again as state’s attorney? Will you always make the same mistakes over again, or will you be able to beat that”?”

Eli Goes In House

Now that campaign adviser Eli Gold (Alan Cummings) has managed to get Peter elected, he will take a job with Lockhart-Gardener.“We’re thrilled with the move, because there was a difficulty last year of having Eli have reasons to come to Alicia. It’s like basically he had an office there because he kept going to Alicia at work… What’s great is now he’s there. It makes sense to us that he’s there because he’s between campaigns. Kalinda and Eli have never met. The characters are going to start overlapping in locations. Alicia’s wanting to get better at compartmentalizing, right at the moment she can’t because people are jumping out of their carts.”

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