‘Dancing with the Stars’ Tells One Star Arrivederci

Week two of “Dancing with the Stars,” save for a fun behind-the-scenes look at the dancers in a segment titled “DWTS Cribs,” was tense and emotional. The emotion came from Demi Lovato‘s rendition of her inspiring pop hit “Skyscraper” as dancers interpreted the song on a minimalist stage. Now, as for the tension, well, it was all about the bottom three and which one of the couples would go home. Before getting into that bit of drama, though, let’s talk about those we’ll be seeing next week. Ricki Lake, coming off a soaring performance Monday, had the week’s high score with a 23 (and performed with pro Derek Hough an encore of their “Hey Ya” jive ). Last week’s number one, Chynna Phillips, dropped slightly. J.R. Martinez earns points for consistency. Rob Kardashian and Nancy Grace surprised as the most improved. Both actually improved their scored significantly this week.

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Now the tough part: The bottom three.

***Spoiler Alert***

If you’re still with us, the bottom three were like a multiple choice question where the answer was either A, B or C – as in Arquette, Bono or Canalis.

When Chaz was declared safe, the audience erupted in cheers. It goes to show that despite a very poor showing – and low score- Bono has a large fan base that’s likely to keep him in the competition until his sore knees heal.

And Arquette is also too darn likable to send home this early. With a “Friend” in his corner and two hot sisters, he’s likely to stick around for a while no matter how goofy and sloppy he dances. And that’s probably good for the show.

So who went home? The correct answer is C – as in Elisabetta Canalis and Val Chmerkovsky, who apologized to his partner.

“I wish I did better for you,” he said.

“I want to thank everybody and thanks to the public and to everybody who voted to us, really,” she said. “Now I’m really nervous. Thank you everybody. It was a great adventure.”

Blond moment of the night: After Derek Hough incorrectly adding up his and Ricki’s score of 23 to a 21 instead, one backstage wag quipped,”He’s pretty. He doesn’t need to be good at math!” Agreed.

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