‘DWTS’ Nancy Grace Wardrobe Malfunction Round 2: ‘It Was Lining!’

Nancy Grace (Photo: Twitter)

Nancy Grace (Photo: Twitter)

Nancy Grace is a good sport. Though xfinityTV already talked to her about the wardrobe malfunction on “Dancing with the Stars” that she swears didn’t happen, we had some follow-up questions for her Tuesday night after the results show and the tough CNN host was more than happy to oblige.

We were at the “DWTS” taping Monday when Nancy graced the audience with a jiggly jive, but what some viewers thought was a so-called nip slip, was, in fact, not. Grace’s breasts are ample and real, but her nipple would not be able to pop out of that part of her top.

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Pointing to her breast, Grace told us and fellow reporters, “I mean, really, if it was something you thought you were looking at [then] that [would be] a very botched plastic surgery job [laughs]. Yes, I have seen all the pictures, but I don’t think it’s what it looked like.”

Grace doesn’t admit to Googling the controversy that busted out after the show, instead revealing that it was fellow contestant Chaz Bono who was the one to inform her how big the story had become. “Chaz showed me a picture on his iPhone. I was like, thanks. He said it looked like a nipple and I told him that it didn’t,” she said.

So, what did we see? If you look closely, there was a piece of the brown lining coming out of her costume.

“This dress does have a very light brown lining and I had to have a microphone pack sewn into it,” said Grace, showing us the proof. “The wardrobe lady had bought in a very low push-up black bra and I said, ‘No. I’m not wearing that demi-cup. I wanted to wear a full, regular-colored nude color bra.”

She then explained that they “unsewed” the microphone pack and “then stuffed it all back in the new bra and put this thing on. I really think that this lining was it.”

Grace added one more piece of evidence to her defense Wednesday, tweeting a picture of herself holding “breast petals,” which are added protection for the ladies when wearing revealing outfits.

“Evidence re my alleged ‘wardrobe malfunction’ which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra,” she wrote.

End of story.

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