‘Parenthood’ Recap: Adam Braverman Channels Coach Taylor

Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood (NBC)

NBC hyped this episode of “Parenthood” as being a high-stakes, tense battle for Alex’s (Michael B. Jordan) future. If you expected him to be dragged off to jail in handcuffs while Haddie’s bad perm sobbed, well, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of that.

Sarah (Lauren Graham) spends the whole episode making excuses to drop by Amber’s (Mae Whitman) apartment and job. Yes, Amber does have a way of paying her rent. She works at a coffee shop. That’s a believable first job, though there’s no way she would make enough money to afford her own enormous apartment in Berkeley, even if it is in a bad neighborhood. It is really annoying. Did Sarah forget she has a hot younger boyfriend to keep her occupied? Fortunately, Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) calls Sarah out on her empty nest syndrome. It turns out Amber still needs her Mommy. She calls Sarah freaked out because she hears a noise at night. It turns out that there is a rat who is enjoying Amber’s lack of cleanliness.

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Drew macs on a girl, Amy, who likes old records. Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) sees and attempts to teach Drew (Miles Hizer) how to have game.  He demonstrates his flirtation technique on a waitress, which is pretty gross. Drew has an awkward conversation with Amy, that concludes with him accidentally letting Amy’s dog out of the house. Instead of helping her catch him, he stands there like an idiot. Drew sarcastically thanks Zeek for his great advice. When Amy returns some hedge clippers, Drew musters up the courage and successfully asks her out.

Jafar is diagnosed with a wheat allergy. If Sydney turns out to have ADHD, this show will have covered every trendy childhood health issue. Jasmine (Joy Bryant) makes a point of mentioning to the smoking hot pediatrician, Dr. Joe (“24’s” D.B. Woodside) that she and Crosby (Dax Shepard) aren’t a couple. Crosby thinks it’s ridiculous to keep a food journal for Jafar, apparently convinced that hanging out with musicians makes him more knowledgeable about pediatric gastroenterology than the doctor. Really, he’s just jealous that Jasmine was flirting with the doctor. Dr. Joe asks Jasmine out. Jasmine is no idiot. She says yes. The good doctor is so superior to Crosby in every way that it is not plausible that Jasmine would be remotely torn.

Kristina (Monica Potter) complains about Adam (Peter Krause) giving up a real job to work with Crosby at the recording studio. There truly is no reason why he can’t do both. They are relieved to learn they are having a girl, since girls are less likely to have Aspergers. Absolutely nothing happens at Kristina’s baby shower. Kristina tells Crosby not to screw up because she does not want her family to go bankrupt.

Julia (Erika Christensen) hides from Zoe the snarky pregnant office coffee cart girl. Zoe seems to have jumped into her third trimester overnight. Zoe eventually reveals that she said no to Julia’s offer to adopt the baby because she wants a closed adoption because giving her baby to someone she knows would be more difficult. She really is Juno!

Alex does not want Haddie (Sarah Ramos) to come to his next meeting with his lawyer, making the logical point that since she was a witness to the punch that ridiculously became a felony, it would be a conflict of interest. Alex actually says that they come from two different worlds. Way to work the cliches, Alex. Then he says that unlike her he has real problems. Burn! Haddie’s bad perm cries to Adam about how hurt she is that her boyfriend is more concerned with staying out of prison than hanging out with her. Adam drops by to offer his help with the situation. Alex points out the elephant in the room: he is a poor black kid who hit a rich white kid. Adam visits the parents of the dude who got punched, speaking in Alex’s defense. Let’s assume they are both District Attorneys since they have the power to press charges. The parents think that because Alex didn’t graduate high school with his class he deserves to be locked up. Apparently, they’d be okay with a rich, white person with a PhD kicking their son’s ass. Did they recently move to Berkeley from Dillon, Texas? Adam pulls on their heartstrings, relating how Alex went from homeless to managing the soup kitchen and pointing out that there was a lot of underage drinking at the party that the police mysteriously ignored. The family drops the charges. The moral of the story: if you are poor and black, you will get hosed unless rich, white people come to your aid. This storyline worked much better when Coach Taylor helped Vince.

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