Rooney’s Retirement Sparks Late-Night Laughter

by | September 29, 2011 at 9:32 AM | Andy Rooney, TV News

Andy Rooney (Photo: Getty Images)

Andy Rooney (Photo: Getty Images)

The late-night shows latched on to the Andy Rooney retirement news Wednesday night, including the story in monologues and comedy bits.

On Rooney’s own network, CBS, David Letterman “saluted” the 92-year-old “60 Minutes” commentator with a “Top Ten” list titled “The Top Ten Reasons Andy Rooney is Retiring.” Among the items:

“No. 10: Needs break from grueling three-minute a week schedule!”

“No. 9: He was pushed out by that cocky young upstart Morley Safer!”

“No. 5: Got angry when CBS rejected his piece on how to defeat the Kaiser!”

“No. 2: Leno wanted the job!”

Watch the rest of Dave’s Andy Rooney “Top Ten” from Wednesday’s “Late Show” here:

On ABC, Jimmy Kimmel also had fun with Rooney’s retirement on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” pairing the news with another sad item — the death of a beloved cross-eyed opossum named Heidi that resided in a zoo in Leipzig, Germany. By the time the Kimmel bit ended, it was Rooney who was cross-eyed.

Watch “A Farewell to Andy and Heidi,” from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” here:

Andy Rooney ends his historic 33-year run on “60 Minutes” this Sunday (Oct. 2). The show is scheduled to start at 7/6c on CBS, but could be delayed by football.

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