‘Real Housewives’ Melissa Gorga’s Stripper Past Exposed, Ambushed By Bravo?

Melissa Gorga (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images)

Melissa Gorga (Photo: Steve Mack/Getty Images)

It was a chapter taken out of the Let’s-Destroy-Danielle-Staubgoblin Book: According to HuffPo Celebrity, Bravo shocked “Real Housewives of New Jersey” newbie Melissa Gorga by exposing her secret stripper past while filming a fashion show scene with the cast. (It sure gives a whole new meaning to her single “On Display.”)

“Bravo’s surprise at the fashion show was for Melissa: her ex-boss at Lookers, the strip club she used to work at,” a witness at the taping said. “No one knew him, no one knew he was coming—although, of course Bravo had a microphone on him—and Melissa ran away from him and refused to film with him. The producers made Teresa talk to him to ‘hear him out,’ so his accusations would be aired on-camera, but Teresa stopped him mid-story and told him to not talk about her family and left.”

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The Jesus-praising Celine Dion look-alike reportedly blamed the set-up on her sis-in-law Teresa Giudice and fled to Caroline Manzo and Jacqueline Laurita for support.

“Teresa had nothing to do with it, but Jac and Caroline were more than ready to go with it because it makes Teresa look bad,” a Bravo insider revealed. “And Bravo will never admit they set it up like they set up Danielle, whose past was also ‘accidentally’ discovered.”

As the sordid story goes, Jacqueline took Melissa’s side and publicly bashed Teresa on Twitter—even threatening to leak a shady picture of hubby Joe Giudice having dinner with a younger woman to the press.

And lo and behold: Faster than you can say “ingredientses,” the photo “mysteriously” came out to the ‘bloids on Thursday!

“What Jacqueline doesn’t know is that Teresa’s laughing about it privately because she knew about it already,” said a friend of Giudice. “Joe had told Teresa he ran into the girl, a family friend, the night when he went out for drinks with his buddies. The girl has a boyfriend, and I’m pretty sure Joe wouldn’t carry on a big affair at TGI Fridays in Clifton.”

According to Us Weekly, however, Gorga’s former boss at Lookers Gentleman’s Club in Elizabeth, N.J., claims the report is “grossly exaggerated” and that Gorga was a bartender at the club.

“She was a bartender for a couple of months years ago, it was such a short time,” Larry Guarino tells Us. “Lookers was really upscale then too; it wasn’t like she was bartending in some hole in the wall.”

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