TV Guide Network Asks, ‘What Are the 100 Moments that Changed TV?’

What are the 100 moments that changed TV? Would you include Gilligan, the Skipper and the passengers about the S.S. Minnow getting shipwrecked? How about NASA Maj. Tony Nelson opening a bottle on a beach and letting a genie out? What about the LAPD chasing former football great O.J. Simpson in his wife Ford Bronco on an L.A. freeway?

Well, one of those three did make it onto the TV Guide network’s five-part special, “100 Moments That Changed TV.” We won’t give away which one (you can probably guess), but like many interested TV watchers (and perhaps you fall into the “diehard” or “expert” category), you more than likely have a strong opinion about those moments and most of the others that made the list (or didn’t make it).

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That’s the fun of this special – and why it’s one of those countdown shows the whole family can watch and debate. Be forewarned, though: it’s addictive.

“It took months to put together the list of 100 moments,” says Shawna Malcolm, a TV journalist featured throughout the series as an expert. “It was hard. It was contentious. But it was fun. Everyone has strong opinions.”


What was the criteria?

“They had to be moments that in some way changed the landscape of television,” said Malcolm. “They had to be history-making in some way. It couldn’t be Snooki having her first bar brawl. These had to be moments that in some way affected the way we all think of TV and how we watch TV, and also in some way influenced the TV that came after. People fought for the moments they loved.”

Malcolm’s picks include the launch of MTV on August 1, 1981 (remember the opening shot with the animated man landing on moon), the debut of “CSI” in 2000, and truck driver Sue Hawk’s fiery “snakes and rats” speech at the final tribal council during the season finale of “Survivor”’s first season.

“It was almost Shakespearean,” she said.

Again, without spoiling anything – and in no special order – here are some of the other moments that made the special:

JANET JACKSON – “The Nip Slip”, February 1, 2004
MOMENT: During the half time show of the 2004 Super Bowl, Janet Jackson shows her nipple.

ELLEN April 30, 1997
MOMENT: During “The Puppy Episode” Ellen turns and tells Laura Dern, “I’m ` gay!” – only to realize that she had turned right into the intercom microphone, announcing her sexuality to the entire terminal.

THE SIMPSONS – December 17, 1989
MOMENT: Season 1, Episode 1
Bart sings “Jingle Bells, Batman smells” in the school Christmas concert

HILL STREET BLUES, January 15,1981
MOMENT: Opening scene where all the officers are gathered for roll call.

MIAMI VICE – Sept. 16 1984
MOMENT: In the pilot, when Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” plays

This is fun, isn’t it?

To find out the other 95 moments, tune into TV Guide’s “100 Moments That Changed TV” on Sundays 9/8 pm Central, starting October 2.

We’ll open comments. What do you think are the 100 moments that changed TV?

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