‘SNL’ Recap: Guest-Host Melissa McCarthy Delivers

Melissa McCarthy (Photo: Getty Images)

Melissa McCarthy (Photo: Getty Images)

Fresh off her Emmy win for “Mike & Molly,” (which we all know was really for “Bridesmaids”), Melissa McCarthy hosted “Saturday Night Live” last night and put in a valiant effort, pulling up a couple of mediocre sketches through the sheer force of her physical comedic skills, many of which fans have come to expect since her famous sink-squatting scene in the biggest hit comedy movie of the summer.

Lady Antebellum was there to sing a couple of their generic hits, but the night belonged to McCarthy, to the point where she overshadowed a lot of the cast.

Some highlights from last night:

Cold Open: Lawrence Welk Show:

Kristen Wiig, who swore up and down this past spring that she would not revive any of her past characters, does exactly that in this cold open, playing the balding, doll-handed freak-of-nature singer Dooneese. But tonight we were introduced to another singing sister, played by McCarthy, who’s got arms like tree trunks and teeth like a beaver. As you’d expect from the “Bridesmaids” co-stars, there’s great chemistry between Wiig and McCarthy in this sketch. Watch it here .


McCarthy teams up again with Wiig to get their dancing shoes on in the monologue. This pairing was less successful, mainly because there wasn’t much point to the bit and it went way too long. It would have been funnier to see McCarthy and Wiig actually dance, wouldn’t it? Oh, and watch for when the camera pans back after the screens are put in place; one of the dancers who are seen in shadow — the one who is supposed to represent McCarthy — is seen in the shot dashing behind her screen at the last second. That’s live TV, folks!

Watch Melissa’s opening monologue right here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/16634903/Melissa-McCarthy-Monologue/embed 580 476]

Li’l Poundcake:

The commercial parody advertises a cute doll that grows her own hair . . . and provides girls with the HPV vaccine. Remember when a doll with a needle in it was a bad thing? Watch it here.


This is one of the sketches that felt like the writers had made cue cards that said “Melissa does her thing.” Much of McCarthy’s over-the-top physicality as a nerdy office worker who makes completely inappropriate advances at one of her colleagues (Jason Sudeikis) felt improvised. Don’t get us wrong though; when Arlene started getting intimate with those balloons — especially the horse — it was pretty darned funny.

Watch this sketch here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/16634832/Arlene/embed 580 476]

Digital Short: Stomp:

This was one of those Digital Shorts that was more weird than funny. Andy Samberg and Bill Hader play cops in a twisted version of “Stomp.” All we can say about this is: If you’ve ever thought the Blue Man Group was annoying, you’ll love this.

Watch this “Digital Short” right here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/16680193/SNL-Digital-Short%3A-Stomp/embed 580 476]

Taste Test:

Another sketch that feels like it was written for McCarthy to improvise her way through. She plays a nerdy taste tester who’s way too big a fan of Hidden Valley Ranch. The funniest line was when she said a $50 prize “will get me out of a couple of jams.” Maybe she needs to feed her ranch dressing addiction. Watch it here.

Weekend Update:

Better this week than it was last week. A bit with Muammar el-Qaddafi’s friends from college was too long, but Kenan Thompson’s version of Tyler Perry hit the mark. Perry tells Seth Meyers that he has made so much money, he owns the entire city of Atlanta, among other declarations.

Watch “Weekend Update” here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/16634921/Weekend-Update%3A-Childhood-Friends-of-Moammar-Gadhafi/embed 580 476]

Internet Comments Talk Show:

Every blogger’s and YouTube video creator’s dream is to expose abusive anonymous commenters. The “SNL” writers thought it would be fun if some of them went on a talk show to discuss why they do what they do. They got the guy who insults everyone, the person who writes “boobeez” on everything and the person who takes every opportunity to air her politics, but there were about five other categories that they missed. Then again, if they did that, the sketch would have taken a half-hour. Watch it here.

Lulu Diamonds:

McCarthy as a Mae West clone whose catchphrase is awfully close to West’s and who can’t seem to handle walking up and down stairs. It’s dumb physical comedy, but McCarthy makes it work.

Watch Melissa McCarthy in “Lulu Diamonds” here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Saturday-Night-Live/10009/16696567/Lulu-Diamonds/embed 580 476]

Watch Full Episodes:

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