‘The Adjustment Bureau’ to Become a TV Series

'The Adjustment Bureau' (Photo: Universal)

'The Adjustment Bureau' (Photo: Universal)

A certain remake trend is giving new meaning to the term made-for-TV movies.

Yet another big-screen film is being made over for the small screen, and this time it’s the sci-fi mind-bender
The Adjustment Bureau.”

Deadline reports that the Matt Damon-Emily Blunt film is being adapted into a TV series by Syfy.

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The thriller is based on a short story from Philip K. Dick about “The Adjustment Bureau,” a secret organization that makes sure people’s lives follow the path it sets out for them, with Damon’s character getting a glimpse of his future and not being down with it.

The project will be written by “Smallville” producers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin.

“The Adjustment Bureau” joins a growing list of feature films getting the small-screen treatment including NBC’s legal drama “The Firm” starring Josh Lucas; an update of “Bewitched”; the recently announced seriesbased on the ’60s camp classic “The Valley of the Dolls”; a TV re-do of the Michael Douglas-Kathleen Turner adventure film “Romancing the Stone” and two “Beauty and the Beasts” remakes in the works.

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