‘The Good Wife’ Relationship Recap: Will and Alicia Turn Up the Heat

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

Welcome to the “The Good Wife” relationship recap. The show’s legal cases are always fascinating, but, let’s be honest, it’s the complex relationships between the characters, be they romantic, professional or friendly, that set TGW apart from every other well written procedural.

Will and Alicia

Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) continue to be red hot without removing a single article of clothing. They work together on the case of the week, a libel case involving a death on Mount Everest that ends up in being tried in a British court via videoconferencing. The opposing attorney is played by Eddie Izzard. The show missed some potential comedy gold by not making Alicia and Will wear those crazy British barrister wigs. After the requisite twists and turns, culminating in Alicia persuading Eli (Alan Cumming) to use his Twitter army to get the case written about in the British press, Lockhart-Gardner wins.

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Will and Alicia found working in close proximity on a complicated case to be the best foreplay ever.

Will: I think I’m having American Revolution fantasies that turn me on.

Alicia: Well, I can dress up.

Will: I want to take you now.

Alicia: That might prove difficult.

Will: In my bathroom.

Alicia: In 10 minutes.

Yowza! When they win the case, their hands touch. Nobody notices.

Will and Diane and Peter and Alicia

That would be one twisted foursome. This week, their inappropriate relationships play out strictly in the legal arena. Lockhart-Gardner is invited to pitch to be the new outside counsel representing the state’s attorneys office in Civil Cases. Will doesn’t want to pitch Peter (Chris Noth) because he’s having sex with Peter’s wife, though he gives Diane a far less interesting excuse. When Diane (Christine Baranski)  meets with Will and Cary (Matt Czuchry), she learns that they are one of  only three firms in contention. Peter demands that the firm submit to an audit to insure that it is not tainted with drug dealer Lamar Bishop’s dirty drug money, though they allegedly handle only his legitimate businesses. How does that work, exactly, since Bishop’s legitimate businesses were built on drug money? Does Bishop own the Chicago franchise of Pollo Hermanos? Will’s idea is a non-starter for Peter. It’s impossible to tell what his agenda is here. Is he truly trying to make sure Lockhart-Gardner is clean so her can hire the firm? Is he hoping to dig up dirt that could ruin them? Is he trying to make trouble for Alicia?

Diane discusses the request with Will, who suggests that they compromise by letting a third party accountant audit them. Peter does not find this acceptable. So Diane drops by Alicia’s apartment unannounced, ostensibly in search of Peter. Or is she fishing for proof that Peter no longer lives there? Everyone is so cagey on this show. Diane explains the situation to Alicia, revealing they are the only firm who has been asked for an audit. Alicia, without revealing anything, says she would advise Diane not to agree to the audit.

Diane asks Will if Alicia and Peter have separated. Will cagily tells Diane to ask Alicia. Diane is worried that the State’s Attorney’s office hates them. Having Alicia on staff is supposed to work to their advantage. If her presence turns out to be working against Lockhart-Gardner, she wants Will to agree that they will fire Alicia. He readily promises that they will get rid of Alicia if necessary. Is this more of Will keeping his relationship on the down-low, or a sign that Alicia is just another notch on his bed post? The preview for next week shows Cuddy, er another character played by Lisa Edelstein, putting the moves on Will. He seems to have a thing for curly haired brunettes.

Eli and Kalinda

Believe it or not, this episode was the first time that Eli and Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) ever had a scene together. Much like chocolate and peanut butter, once you’ve experienced the combination, you wonder how you possibly lived without it. Will they become lovers? Friends? Or simply team up to rule the world?

Eli’s democratic political strategist frind Mickey Gunn asks Eli to come up with a plan to handle a candidate’s scandal. He won’t reveal who the candidate is or the nature of the scandal. So Eli decides to take full advantage of Lockhart-Gardner’s resources and asks Kalinda to help him. She realizes Eli wants to know all the info on the scandalous event so he can blackmail the client into hiring him. Kalinda follows Mickey and learns he is working with a former senator, Harold Burke, who is having an affair with his nanny.

Eli: I’ll need you again.

Kalinda: Then invoice.

At the meeting, Mickey claims that Burke is not his client. Kalinda figures out that his client must be a Republican. At their next meaning, Eli accuses Mickey of using Eli to vet a potential presidential candidate for free. He tells Mickey to get hired, then hire him.  He also tells Kalinda she looks familiar, which may mean that he knows about her one night stand with Peter, or may be a red herring. Go ahead and ship them.

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