Ratings Decline for Ashton’s ‘Men’ in Week Three

by | October 4, 2011 at 1:18 PM | Ratings, TV News

Ashton Kutcher (right) with Jon Cryer in "Two and a Half Men" (Photo: CBS)

“Two and a Half Men” declined yet again in the ratings, in the third outing of its new season starring Ashton Kutcher.

But the drop-off in viewership was considerable less than the previous week, when the star-crossed series lost 8 million viewers off its widely anticipated premiere a week earlier.

This week’s results could mean that audience levels for the sitcom — now in its ninth season and its first without Charlie Sheen — might be leveling off to viewership figures that are close to what this series can realistically expect to attract week by week, going forward.

For the half-hour of 9-9:30 p.m. (8-8:30c), “Two and a Half Men” averaged 17.281 million viewers in the Nielsen overnights — a decline of 2.75 million off the overnights at week ago. (Overnight ratings for the previous evening come out the next morning; so-called national ratings come out later in the day, by which time the “Men” audience could climb a little bit, as happens often.)

“Men” was nevertheless the highest-rated single show Monday night on CBS or any other network. CBS averaged 12.359 million viewers on the night to finish in second place behind ABC.

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Elsewhere in the Monday overnights:

ABC won the night with an average viewership of 14.859 million from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. (7-10c) — 16.496 million from 8 to 10 (7-9) for “Dancing with the Stars” and 11.585 million for “Castle” at 10/9c.

Fox’s new sci-fi series “Terra Nova” lost about 600,000 viewers in its second week, averaging 8.309 million viewers from 8 to 9 (7-8c) Monday night. The season premiere of “House” drew 9.767 million viewers at 9/8c.

NBC lagged far behind the others Monday night with a three-hour, prime-time average of 4.379 million, due to “The Sing-Off” (4.876 million from 8 to 10, 7-9c) and “The Playboy Club,” which skidded to a mere 3.385 million viewers at 10/9c. As reported elsewhere here, “The Playboy Club” then became the first cancellation casualty of the new network TV season. It was yanked on Tuesday morning.

CBS’s other shows scored this way: “How I Met Your Mother,” 10.503 million; “2 Broke Girls,” 11.368 million; “Mike & Molly,” 13.24 million; “Hawaii Five-O,” 10.878 million.

Watch Monday night’s episode of “Hawaii Five-O” right here:

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