‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Power Rankings – Week 3

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the two players will earn. For example, if Sophie is voted out this week, Andrea will receive 3 points and Gordon will receive 4 points. Also, each player will pick who they think will win at Redemption Island. If they choose correctly they will receive a bonus point. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: South Pacific” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

Last Week: Andrea came back swinging, picking Papa Bear in spot sixteen while Gordon had him in spot fifteen.  Both players earned a bonus point for picking Christine to win the duel. The score is now Team Boehlke 32, Team Holmes 33.

Before we dive into this week’s rankings, let’s take a moment to check in with Andrea…

Gordon Holmes: Andrea, thank you so much for being a part of this season’s Power Rankings. What’ve you been up to since your time on “Survivor”?
Andrea Boehlke:
The biggest change for me was that I up and moved to New York City! I graduated with a BFA in theatre, so I moved out here from Wisconsin three months ago. I am now doing a lot of random things and I love it. I’m a hostess at a restaurant in the meatpacking district called The Standard Grill, I joined a new theatre company started by Vincent Pastore from “The Sopranos.” It is my dream to eventually begin my own production or theatre company with a few of my best friends, so being a part of Vinny’s theatre company is a great learning experience. There are a lot of working actors and directors in the group, many who were on “The Sopranos” with Vinny as well as current projects. I’m also an assistant to a director/acting teacher in Manhattan where I keep track of all the students’ tuitions/billings/class schedule. I am also blogging for this season and am a co-host for a website called SuperPass where we podcast about the “Survivor” episodes. I also audition. Basically, I’m pretty busy but I’m finding time to enjoy myself out here too. It is so very different from Wisconsin as I’m used to being surrounded by either my family or friends in a college setting. So, sometimes I feel alone out here, but I have the “Survivor” family and some good friends out here to pick me up. NYC really is a blast.

Holmes: How are you feeling about this season so far?
I LOVE watching this season, especially when I get to watch it with the NYC “Survivor” crew. I thought it would be hard to watch a new season since I would miss being on the show myself—however it is a huge relief to not be in the spotlight or paranoid about editing! I also think it is a pretty solid season so far with a bunch of good characters. I really want to see more of the invisible characters, so I hope we see more of them as time goes on.

Holmes: You picked up your first Power Rankings win last week. Was it everything you dreamed it would be?
Yes, I must admit that it felt great to beat THE Gordon Holmes after coming up short the week before.
Holmes: Don’t get used to it. In honor of your big win, I’m leading the article with a picture of Albert. But fair warning, on weeks when I win I’m going to lead with a picture of Mikayla. Do you think this is the only way I can get guys to root for me over you?
Boehlke: See—I just thought you had a tiny crush on Mikayla. Now I know you have other motives! Is this some sort of popularity contest?!  It all goes back to Holmes vs. Boehlke.

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teamboehlke . TEAMHOLMES
Current Score: 32

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. Current Score: 33

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albert . albert
#1 Albert: I was very tempted to bring Albert down a notch this week. Then I realized it would have been only because he didn’t accept my friendship request on Facebook.  Albert: so strong, so Albert, so C.R.A.B.S. . #1 Albert: The future Mr. Andrea Boehlke will have wait for that new moniker, because right now his true nickname is Safey T. McSaferton. Between his challenge prowess, closeness to Coach, and not being Brandon Hantz, he’s set for a while.
#2 Keith: Keith seems to have a decent grasp of his game at this point. He is clearly convincing enough to make Ozzy think he is trustworthy. He seems to have a close bond with Whitney and a good relationship with the other tribe members. So far, Keith is in a good position. . #2 Keith: Strange things seem to be afoot at Savaii beach. If Jim and Cochran are working together, that could be bad news for the Alpha Betas after the merge. Keith might want to consider letting Jim know about Ozzy’s idol. That should help him get in good with the new pairing.
#3 Sophie: Sophie seems smart, savvy, surprisingly sincere, sassy, sharp, slick and stunning. SAFE. Annoying alliteration aside, Sophie is safe in her alliance of 5 and seems to be building some smart sub-alliances. . #3 Coach: All star or not, the Dragon Slayer is running the show over at Upolu beach. Yeah, leaders don’t have an awesome record for longevity on this show, but Coach has a lot of options. He has options for next on the chopping block (Stacey, Lil Hantz) and he has options for alliances (CRABS, Edna).
#4 Rick: I think I saw Rick once this episode, which tells me he is safe. He was twirling his mustache. Fitting. . #4 Sophie: Who do I have to talk to about getting more Sophie in my “Survivor”? Every time they cut to her she has something insightful or entertaining to say.
#5 Coach: Coach continues to keep his C.R.A.B.S. intact, and now he also seems to have upgraded to B.R.A.C.E.S. with an Edna on board! (Darn—I can’t take credit for that. B.R.A.C.E.S. was a David Healy creation.) . #5 Whitney: I think Whitney might be a secret genius. Semhar, however, poked some holes in my theory. Either way, she’s Keith’s confidant and Keith is super safe until the merge.
#6 Whitney: Good hammock swinging skills. Good grappler. Fierce jungle hair. Whitney apparently has Keith’s trust and now knows about the idol.  If she has Keith wrapped around her finger and a good relationship with Elyse and Jim, Whitney could be a key player down the road. . #6 Elyse: We don’t hear much from Elyse. That’s probably because she gets along with everyone. In a tribe that seems to be heading for some turbulence, that’s probably a good place to be.
#7 Elyse: If Ozzy trusts Keith and Keith trusts Whitney, we have a three that could turn on Elyse and Jim down the line. However, for now, Elyse’s ancestors have her back and I don’t see her going anytime soon. . #7 Rick: Yes, there’s somebody on this show named Rick. Yes, I’m positive.
#8 Jim: We didn’t see Jim too much this episode, but for now he is one of the ‘Jungle Bros’ and therefore safe. I sense a Jim breakout episode soon! Maybe he will sense that he is on the low end of his alliance and mix something up. . #8 Jim: The “Two Plus Three” alliance is a terrible deal for Jim. I’m betting he realizes this and is now looking for ways out of it. Ozzy’s idol could be just the reason Jim needs to convince people to send the All star packing.
#9 Ozzy: Ouch. Ozzy trusted the bromance he had with Keith and this could very well bite him in the booty. Now that Keith, Whitney and probably the rest of the tribe know Ozzy has been hiding the idol from them, they may very well want to pounce on this opportunity to blindside him, idol in hand. . #9 Edna: Edna seemed to rebound from what we’ll call “The Most Transparent Lie in ‘Survivor’ History.” Best of all for her, there’s plenty of drama around Upolu camp and none of it involves her.
BRANDON . Mikayla
#10. Brandon: Welcome to Confessions of a Teenage Drama King! Last episode, Brandon took off his shirt and now everyone knows he is a Hantz. Although it may not hurt him immediately, it could down the road. Some things just aren’t meant to be spilled on “Survivor”! . #10 Mikayla: Kudos to Mikayla for taking Brandon aside and trying to have a rational discussion with him. Unfortunately for her, the “Loco” tattoo on his neck was not meant ironically. Her best bet now is to make sure Coach and crew realize how much Loose Cannon Brandon can mess up their post-merge plans.
#11. Edna: I’m not a huge fan of visors, but props to Edna for still wearing the frumpy looking tree-mail visor two episodes in a row. Whenever I made some cool accessory out on the island, it only lasted a day. I either lost it or ate it. With that being said, if Upolu loses, Edna will eventually be targeted if they are looking to keep the tribe strong physically. . #11 Brandon: No lie, I rewound Brandon’s speech from last week three times and still couldn’t figure out what the dude was saying. If his breakdown took place later in the game, I’d say he was a lock for a Phillip-esque final three trip. However, he’s just too dangerous to trust this early in the game.
#12. Dawn: Although she did amazing at the last challenge, I’m afraid Mama Dawn is still not a part of the Jungle Barbie Clan. Dawn needs to find a way to stir something up! . #12 Cochran: If the previews are to be believed (and sometimes they are misleading) it looks like Cochran is finally going to get an opportunity to make “A ‘Survivor’ move.”  It’s time Cochran earns that last-name nickname.
#13 Cochran: Part of me thinks Cochran will go far. I’m just not sure how he is going to do it. I sincerely hope that the Coch-reign is just beginning, but he really has to dig deep and break up the Ozzy clan. . #13 Ozzy: Fun Fact: When you find a hidden immunity idol, you don’t have to tell anyone. Crazy, right? Maybe Ozzy can use this idol and his previous unused idol as bookends when he’s sent home.
Mikayla . DAWN
#14 Mikayla: I hate that I have Mikayla so low, but I don’t have a choice at this point. She doesn’t seem to have any substantial alliance, and although people find Brandon’s targeting of her ridiculous, she is on the wrong side of the numbers. . #14 Dawn: It looks like Cochran might be making moves with Jim. What does that have to do with Dawn? Normally the fall of an alliance sees the leader (Ozzy) going home, however, Savaii can’t afford to lose challenge strength right now. That puts a target on Dawn’s back.
#15 Stacey: Despite an awesome full-body reaction to the reveal of Little Hantz, Stacey doesn’t seem to have many allies in this game. If Upolu loses, she is going to be dueling her sista friend Christine on Redemption Island real soon. . #15 Stacey: Stacey will stay in the game as long as Upolu can keep winning immunities. She’s an easy boot and will give Coach and crew time to sort out this whole Brandon/Mikayla mess.
Redemption Island Pick – Christine: Christine is determined to “pull a Matt” and go on a R.I. streak. Although I don’t think she will be able to pull a full on Matt, she may be able to pull a half-Matt or a quarter-Matt.  She will at least beat Papa Bear this week. . Redemption Island Pick – Christine: Sorry, Papa Bear…this porridge is too hot for you.
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