Gov. Christie OKs Late-Night Fat Jokes

David Letterman (left) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Photos: CBS, Getty Images)

David Letterman (left) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (Photos: CBS, Getty Images)

Fun-loving New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie laughed off all the comedy being produced lately about his weight on the late-night shows.

“It’s not a news flash to me that I’m overweight,” the good-natured gov said during the one-hour news conference he conducted Tuesday in which he announced he won’t run for president. “I saw [David] Letterman’s ‘Top Ten’ list and I thought, you know, probably eight out of the 10 were really funny!”

Christie was probably referring to the “Top Ten” that aired last Tuesday (Sept. 27) titled “Ways the Country Would Be Different If Chris Christie was the President,” which was heavy with fat jokes (the video’s down in the middle of this story, if you want to check it out). An example: “No. 10 — Al-Qaeda taunts America with ‘Yo president’s so fat’ jokes!”

This “Top Ten” was just one example of how Letterman has mined Christie’s weight for comedic ore. Dave’s not the only late-night host doing it, but Dave’s doing it the most, raising questions about whether a person’s health problem — even a public person — should be joked about at all. In his own remarks Tuesday afternoon in Trenton, Gov. Christie gave it the OK. “If they want to make fun of my weight, then it’s fair game — I’m a public figure,” Christie said. “All I care about is that they actually are funny, so that I can at least laugh about it as they’re mocking me!”

The governor’s news conference was held many hours before Letterman aired another Christie “Top Ten” on Tuesday night’s “Late Show” on CBS — “Top Ten Reasons Chris Christie Isn’t Running for President.” You decide if these are funny or cruel. Some examples: “No. 10 — As always, he’s following his gut!” And “No. 8 — Learned there isn’t a Quiznos within five miles of the White House!”

Catch Dave’s latest Chris Christie “Top Ten” right here:

[iframe—Top-Ten-Reasons-Chris-Christie-Is-Not-Running-For-President/embed 580 476]

Not to be outdone, Jimmy Kimmel trafficked in a few Christie fat jokes of his own Tuesday night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC. Among them was this line: “I really wish Chris Christie would run,” Kimmel said, “I’d love to have him in the oval office. He’d fit right in!”

Jimmy then noted his disappointment over Christie’s announcement that he won’t run. “I’m disappointed,” Kimmel said. “There were so many fat jokes to be made!”

Watch Kimmel’s Tuesday monologue on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” here:

[iframe 580 476]

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