‘Parenthood’ Recap: Zeek Finds Commercial Success with Hilarious New Gig

Parenthood (NBC)

Parenthood (NBC)

Tuesday night’s episode of “Parenthood” was, without a doubt the first television show to juxtapose storylines about elementary school lunch table politics and erectile dysfunction pills.

Zeek, (Craig T. Nelson) who caught the acting bug when he appeared in Sarah’s play last season, is cast in a commercial for Viagra.  Please write more hilarious storylines like this, “Parenthood” scribes. Zeek and Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) are two of the show’s most interesting characters. It’s great to see them doing more than dispensing advice. The commercial itself features Zeek on a boat with a woman who is younger than any of his children. Their kissing scene is disgusting. He has a great time filming even though the director is a nut who says things like, “I need you to give my heart an erection.”

Watch Zeek’s New Gig Below:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Parenthood/104496/2148256715/Clear-Skies-from-Here-On-Out/embed 580 476]

Because this is such an earnest, sincere show, Zeek’s unexpected second career causes Camille to reexamine her own choices in life and lament that she is too afraid of rejection to follow through with any of her own ambitions. She tells Sarah that she has never even attempted to put together an art show for her paintings. Camille decides to rectify this situation not by say, getting an art gallery to show her work, but by studying Mandarin via  the internet. Uh, okay. Zeek celebrates his success by offering to take one of the E.D. pills and get crazy. Cemille says he does not need it. TMI, Camille. There better be some follow-up to Zeek’s commercial in the upcoming weeks.

Alex (Michael B. Jordan) feels uncomfortable around the Bravermans now that they know about his criminal record. He realizes he and Haddie (Sarah Ramos) are in different places in life and breaks up with her. He’s probably just sick of looking at her bad perm. Then he breaks up with Kristina (Monica Potter). No, really. He seems more upset about ending things with the Bravermans, who are the supportive, loving, controlling, overbearing family of his dreams, than with Haddie. Haddie is understandably devastated and has a heart to heart with Kristina about losing her first love.

Speaking of teen angst, Drew gets Amber (Mae Whitman) to drive him and Amy to the movies for their date. Drew gets tongue tied, so Amber ends up striking up a conversation with Amy about music. The two girls get along so well that Amber ends up going to the movies with them. Drew (Miles Heizer) is angry at his sister for taking over. Amber talks to Sarah (Lauren Graham) about it. Sarah feels terrible for her shy son, but for once does not make things worse by trying to talk to him about the situation. For some reason, a cell phone photo of Mr. Cyr (Jason Ritter) and Sarah kissing goes viral at the high school. The kids are apparently floored that one of their teachers has a perfectly innocent personal life. Drew is mortified and ends up ranting to Amy about how dysfunctional and weird his family is. Hey, how come Sarah felt the need to ask Amber’s permission to date her former teacher, but didn’t consult Drew? He really is the forgotten child. Drew has inadvertently stumbled on the way to win any teenage girl’s heart: sharing his pain. Amy throws pebbles at his window late at night and gets him to join her on a walk.

Max (Max Burkolder) has turned into the lunchtime bully. He insists that Jabbar (Tyree Brown) eat with him every day, though Jabbar would rather spend some time with kids his own age. When Jabbar talks to Jasmine (Joy Bryant), she tells him that he can eat with whoever he wants. She asks Crosby to speak with Adam about the situation. This is one time when Jasmine is 100 percent in the right. Crosby predictably chickens out when Adam starts going on about how happy he is that Max and Adam are BFFs. He tells Jabbar to suck it up and eat with Max for a while because he has trouble making friends because something is wrong with him. Jabbar decides to take Jasmine’s advice and spend part of his lunch with his friends. Max freaks out and ends up shoving little Jabbar to the ground. Didn’t his behavioral therapist teach him to pick on people his own size?  Jabbar repeats Crosby’s words about something being wrong with Max. All of the parents are summoned to the school. Everyone piles on Crosby for being a screw up once again. What will happen on the playground now? Good question. It’s never resolved. Instead, Crosby and Adam instantly make up when they are approved for their loan to buy the recording studio. Hooray?

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