Michael C. Hall: Romance Not in the Cards for Dexter

Michael C. Hall in Dexter (Showtime)

Michael C. Hall in Dexter (Showtime)

Dexter” launched its sixth season last Sunday. After a controversial fifth season that focused on Dexter romancing a young crime victim who became his partner in killing, the show has returned to form. This year, “Dexter” is tackling religion. The premiere found America’s favorite serial killer enrolling his son in a Catholic pre-school. Dexter has a new nemesis, played by Edward James Olmos, whose killing methods are steeped in his own creepy religious beliefs. In an interview conducted before his contract negotiations with Showtime hit a snag, Star Michael C. Hall revealed who Dexter will be battling this season, why romance is not in the cards for Dexter, and whether the poor guy will ever be able to escape his dark passenger.

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What can you reveal about the characters who will be Dexter’s adversaries this season?
I don’t really think of any of the characters on “Dexter” as villains. I think they’re people who crack open new experiences of himself for him. He has an adversarial relationship initially with Brother Sam, Mos’s character, but that evolves and with Colin’s [Hanks] character, with Edward’s [James Olmos] character. They both represent a simultaneous potential adversary and fascination for him.

Will Edward James Olmos be as scary a killer as John Lithgow?
I call him E. Jo. Attracting people like him, it’s a shot in the arm for us. It’s unbelievable to show up every season for the past several or few seasons and find that we’ve once again attracted these people to jump on the moving train that is our show. He’s bringing an integrity in terms of the work that he’s done, a groundedness that’s really important to have in people that come on board because there’s a lot of pretty fantastical things on paper that happen. For actors to come in and ground those things in some sense of fundamental reality is the key. If we weren’t able to attract people of his caliber, we wouldn’t be able to pull off roles like the role we’re asking him to play.

Quinn is now living with Deb. How does Dexter feel about that?
I think Dexter, in the case of Quinn (Desmond Harrington), he’s someone who’s an example of keeping your enemies closer. I think Quinn recognizes that Dexter has something tangible on him whereas he has something theoretical on Dexter. So that puts him in a good position in terms of his relationship with Quinn but I think Quinn’s preoccupied with some other things when we meet him at the beginning of the season.

How would you characterize Dexter and Deb’s relationship this season?
Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) remains a support system. She’s still the only member of his family unit. But there are things going on in Deb’s world that are definitely more at the forefront of her mind.

Will Dexter get another love interest this season?
I don’t think it’s something he has an appetite for when we meet him at the beginning of the season. I think at the end of the fifth season, after having fully indulged in a relationship with Lumen, he blows those candles out. He’s unplugged. It’s like, “I’m done.”

Is he still concerned that his son has inherited his tendencies?
Yeah. He’s certainly preoccupied with what he doesn’t want to pass on to Harrison but he’s coming to an awareness that he needs to focus on what he does want to pass on and he’s coming to grips on his own to answer these questions and that leads him to a consideration of the spiritual side of things that he wouldn’t otherwise have considered. If there’s any light in Dexter, any humanity in Dexter, it’s never more undeniable than when he’s with his son. Now that he has a one-on-one relationship with that child, it becomes all the more undeniable.

How much further can Dexter be humanized and still be Dexter?
I think Dexter has explored aspects of his humanity that he never anticipated he would when we first met him and yet, somehow, all of those experiences one way or another lead him to a more true sense of his inevitably having to surrender to his dark passenger. It’s a tricky thing. There are aspects of his personality which he previously denied which he no  longer denies, but none of them have caused him to question his dark passenger.

How long do you think the series can go?
25 to 30 more seasons.

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